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The following notice was published in the April 9, 1884 issue of Norfolk County's British Canadian newspaper.

"Base Ball -- The Wrangler B. B. Club reorganized on the 5th and elected the following officers for 1884:
W. D. Boyce, Pres.
Robt. Green, Vice-Pres.
Harry Force, Sec.-Tres.
Chas. Edgeworth, Capt.
C. L. Robertson, C. Edgeworth and J.W. Robertson delegates to county convention. All communication to be addressed to the Secretary."

The following article appeared in the May 8, 1884 issue of Norfolk County's Waterford Star newspaper.

Base Ball

"The Waterford's reorganized on Thursday evening, 
1st. inst., with the following officers:
E. H. Long, President; 
Louis Sovereign, Vice President; 
R. W. Trotter, Secretary; 
F. E. Hatch, Treasurer; 
Wm. Tuttle, Captain; 
Newton Kellum, Bart Foster and W. Tuttle, committee of management.

"Messrs. Kellum and Tuttle represented the Waterford's  at their meeting in Simcoe on the 3rd. inst., when the following League games for Norfolk County were scheduled for May and June.
"May 17th, Simcoe at Walsingham Centre; 
Pearsall, Umpire. 
May 17th, Waterford at Windham Centre; 
T. S. Crysler, Umpire. 
May 24th, Windham Centre at Simcoe, 
J. E. Bottomley, Umpire. 
May 31st, Walsingham Centre Centre at Waterford; 
W. S. Wood, Umpire.
June 7th, Windham Centre at Walsingham Centre; 
J. E. Bottomley, Umpire.
June 7th, Simcoe at Waterford; 
T. S. Crysler, Umpire.
June 14th, Simcoe at Windham Centre, 
W. S. Wood, Umpire.
June 23th, Waterford vs. Windham Centre, at Simcoe. Pearsall, Umpire,

"It is hoped the people of Waterford will patronize these League games as the club has gone to considerable expense in fitting up the Agricultural grounds for the games, purchasing their suits, &c. The people can rely 
on seeing very sharp playing done by the contesting League clubs, as they have engaged the best players 
in the county."

The following item appeared in the May 28, 1884 issue of Norfolk County's British Canadian newspaper...

Base Ball Notes

At a meeting of the League Committee, held immediately after the game on the 24th, the following resolutions were passed:
1. That after today any player playing on more than one League Club be expelled from the League; and that second club with which he plays be expelled, and that their share of gate money from games in which he plays be forfeited and go to trophy fund.
2. That the rule concerning the outside player date from this meeting.

The Vittoria boys played in Waterford on Monday, score Vittoria 19, Waterford 14. Vittoria seems to take delight in downing League teams.

The next League game here is between St. Williams and Simcoe, on Thursday, 5th June. Walsingham plays in Waterford, Saturday, 31st May.

Simcoe, taking advantage of the change in the rule concerning outside players, has secured A. N. Donnocker of Otterville for the season.

The League Clubs stand as follows:


Wranglers 2 0
Walsingham 1 0
Simcoe 0 1
Waterford 0 1
St. Williams 0 1


The following item appeared in the July 9, 1884 issue of Norfolk County's British Canadian newspaper...

The following Base Ball matches were played at Delhi on Dominion Day: 
Waterford vs Delh 9-5
Simcoe vs Atherton 14-4
Simcoe vs Waterford 8-4
Wranglers vs St. Thomas 11-10

"The Athletic Base Ball Club (Junior) of last year were reorganized last week and are now open to challenges from any of the junior clubs of the County."

The following item appeared in the Walsingham Centre Personals column of the  May 2, 1888 issue of Norfolk County's British Canadian newspaper...

"It has at last been decided to hold a celebration here on the 24th. The principal attraction will be the ball tournament, in which there are no less than six clubs which have signified their willingness to compete. The first prize will be $20 and the second $15. There will also be a match between the junior clubs of Langton and Walsingham Centre for a prize..."

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