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The following is based on Port Rowan Personals in the 25 Feb 1915 Simcoe Reformer 

1860 Cricket Clubs
by John Cardiff

As part of a Norfolk County-wide effort to raise World War I relief aid for Belgians, little Ellen Holmes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Holmes of Port Rowan, donated four picture post cards, in hope they might bring a little pleasure to some poor orphan children in that stricken country.

Her donation was duly reported in the Simcoe Reformer, and many readers were touched by this little girl's generosity. Soon she began receiving other picture post cards from various subscribers hoping to compensate the little girl for her sacrifice.

These were followed by a very kind letter from Mr. J. A. Powell of Little Rock, Ark. Mr. Powell said that he lived in Port Rowan for one year during 1859 and 1860, and while here he helped our club defeat the Norfolk Cricket Club of Simcoe.

Mr. Powell's letter is believed to be among the earliest records of organized team sports being played in Norfolk County.

From page 2 of 7 Aug 1879 Norfolk Reformer:
"VITTORIA. A match game of Lacross was played here to-day, between the "Erie" of Port Rowan and the Vittoria club, resulting in two games out of three for Vittoria."

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