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1903-04 Simcoe Hockey Team
OHA District Finalists
Left to right, back row:  F. Coates,  L. Cratt, G. Mason.  Centre row:  J. Cribb, manager M. Smith,  secretary-treasurer W. L. Munro, manager B. W. Simons, S. Smith. Front row:  F. Hurley, W. Piette. 
Photo by Selley courtesy of David Cross.

From the 22 Jan 1904 Simcoe Reformer:
"The Simcoe hockey team will run a special train to Welland next Tuesday evening, providing they can get enough passengers to meet the heavy guarantee required by the Railway Co.  The rate would be $1.55 for the round trip of 110 miles and the train would leave Simcoe about 6:30 p.m., returning immediately after the game."

From 19 Feb 1904 Simcoe Reformer:
"By the narrowest possible margin, Welland won out for the O.H.A. Championship of this district at Hamilton on the 11th last.  The game was described by the Hamilton papers as "fast, but a little rough."  There was little to choose between the two teams and with nine minutes left to play, the score stood at 4 to 3 in Simcoe's favor. During that time, three Simcoe players were penalized by being sent to the fence by the referee and against a weakened team Welland scored twice and won the match and championship by 5 goals to 4."

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