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1947 Norfolk County Umpires Association

1947 Norfolk County Umpires Association
Left to right, back row:  Bus Whitehead,  Walter Krell, Henry Edgar,  vice president Army Hodgson,  David Weaver,  Roy Hazlett,  Dr. W. Sutherland, Elson Head.
Front row:  secretary-treasurer Frank Brenchley, Biff Cote,  past president Ralph Nelles,  umpire-in-chief and president Leslie Rundle, and Tom Dickson.
Photo courtesy Bill Helka.

Shown above are some of the 1947 members of the Norfolk County Umpires Association which was originally formed in Simcoe in 1938 and was the first county softball umpires' group in the province. In 1948 the association assigned a total of 401 umpires to handle 212 games, which included 35 in OASA playdowns.

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