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1932 Don-A-Brooks Softball Team
Simcoe Town League Champions
Left to right, top row: Russ Bloye, Bob Cardiff, Sandy Kinnear, Bill Grass, Jack Scott. Middle row: Jimmy Phillips, manager Jim Adams, Jack Haggarty, "Scoop" Misner, "Bus" Whitehead. Front row: Harley Whitehead, Floyd Deming, Shorty Ruttan.

Note from historian George Pond:
"This was one of the early editions of the famous Don-A-Brook softball team, which won numerous honors back in the thirties. Sponsored by the Brook Woolen Company, this team took the Simcoe Softball League title in 1932. Their classic confrontations with an equally strong Canco team, representing the Amercian Can Company, are still remembered by older softball buffs."

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