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1944-45 Port Dover Juvenile Hockey Team 
League Champions
Left to right, back row:  manager Fred McMillian,  Jack Reid,  Elmer Brown,  Jim Horn,  Gary Dines,  Doug Mummery,  coach Bev Schram.  Front row:  Roy Finch,  Jack Davidson,  Alex Wood,  Cliff Kennedy,  George Burcham,  Jack Waters,  Sonny Lowe.
Photo courtesy Doug Mummery.  (Larger version.)

From the 26 Feb 1945 Simcoe Reformer:
"Ports Defeat Clubmen to Take League Title:  Shut out locals (Simcoe) 4-0 in second game to capture round 7-4."

From the 1 Mar 1945 Simcoe Reformer:
"Ports drop 1st game to Welland by 10-3 -- Lakeside goalie injured in pre-game practice proves tough break for team."

From the 5 Mar 1945 Simcoe Reformer:
"Port Dover Juveniles eliminated by Welland Falcons win at Port Colborne by 14-9 to capture round."

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