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1905 Waterford High School Football Team
Left to right, back row:  Leslie Smith, Fred Wilson, Stanley Robertson. 
Middle row: Wray Smith, Wm. Skirrow, spare Terry Berry, Morgan House. 
Front row: Harry Lutes, Wm. Robinson, Benj. Smith, Wm. Wallace, Grant Woodley
Photo courtesy Waterford's Spruce Row Museum.

The newspaper account of an October 1905  game against Simcoe Hgh School consisted of a long poem about the game which Waterford won 2 goals to 1. Only the last few lines of the poem are reproduced here...

From the 19 Oct 1905 Waterford Star:
"The Simcoe boy were out of air,
And so they wouldn't give the cheer;
But left the field immediately
And went down town to have their tea.
The goals scored in the game were three,
And Waterford got two you see
While Simcoe only got the one.
But that, for them, was quite well done."

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