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1927 Simcoe Intermediate Lacrosse Team
Left to right, back row: president Geo. Widner, 1st Home A. Fort, coach B. Brown, defence A. West, vice-president H. A. Carter.
Middle row:  2nd Home G. McDonald, defence G. McDonald, defence E. Schram, manager secretary and Cover Point J. L. Murdoch, Centre R Colquhoun, Goal H. Judd. 
Front row:  Inside Home R. Bloy, Outside Home A. Carter, Point J. Adams.
Insert:  Centre E. Morrison.
Moore Photo courtesy Sarah Manlow of Picton, Ontario.
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[Compiler's Comment: In a 17 Mar 2008 email Sarah Manlow of Picton, Ontario reported: "There is one known error on the names, it happens to be my great grandfather.  The name listed is G McDonald it should be Lloyd McDonald."]

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