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1930-31 J. B. Jackson Hockey Team
Simcoe Town League Champions
Left to right, back row:  A. E. Smith, J. Hoover, coach A. Conner, A. Kinnear, H. Judd, Jack Roxburgh. Middle row: R. "Spec" Beckett, manager Harvey G. Evans, B. Cross, mayor R. G. Berry, A. Smith.  Front row: E. Y. Misner, mascot A. Woodley, Morley Cross.
Moore Photo courtesy Helen Pingle. (Larger version or SuperSized Version.)

From 19 Mar 1930 Simcoe Reformer:
"Jackson's won Town hockey title and trophy ... Regiment tied up round but lost out in third overtime period ... Watts scored tieing [sic] goal and Beckett notched the winning counter ... teams were evenly matched and gave thrilling performance." 

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