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1924 Simcoe High School Softball Team
Simcoe town league champions
Left to right, back row:centre field John Rodgers, left field R. Kellam, right field R. Franklin, short stop G. Rodgers. Front row: second base R. "Dick" Tyrell, pitcher Clifford Mason, catcher and manager Lawrence Mason, first base Don Stuart, third base H. Ironside.
Moore Photo courtesy Dr. Leonard Mason.

From the 12 Jun 1924 Simcoe Reformer:
"The increasing popularity of Town League softball with local fans was again demonstrated Tuesday night when a large gallery turned out at the fairgrounds to watch the Clerks lose their first game of the season to the fast High School nine by a 14-4 score."

From the 4 Sep 1934 Simcoe Reformer:
"High School Wins Cup. The final of the three game series to decide the 1924 ownership of the Town Leaguee Softball Cup was played Tuesday evening at Agricultural Park between the High School students and the Clerks, the former winning a close exciting match by a sore of 6-4. Until the seventh inning, the score was a 3-3 tie. Three solid clouts from the bats of J. Rodgers and the Mason bros. accounted for all three runs in the seventh and gave the High School lads the championship."

The 1924 Simcoe Town League consisted of seven teams: the High School, the Clerks, he Bankers, the Canners, the Wellingtons, the Glouites and the Don-A-Brooks.

Pitcher Clifford Mason also played in the Townsend League for a few years, but was eventually "outlawed" from the league, his brother Len Mason recalled 23 Aug 2001. "He was too good. His team always won. Other teams didn't think that was fair." Clifford subsequently pitched in Hamilton, Len said.

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