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1911-12 The "Hub" Hockey Team
Simcoe Town League Champions
Left to right, back row: Roy Everett, Bill Nesbitt, Percy Thompson, Dr. A. C. Burt.
Front row: Morley Mason, Tony Mitchell, Albert Culver, Art Edmonds, Lloyd Cook.
J. H. Butler Photo courtesy Bill Burt and David Cross.

From the 20 Feb 1912 Simcoe Reformer:
"Before the largest crowd of hockey enthusiasts, roofers and flag wavers that has ever witnessed a town league match before ... The Hubs jumped into first place in the final game at the expense of "Billy" Skirrow's high school septette in a fast and exciting showing by a score of 11 goals to 5 ... Count 5 all and the crowd put on a guessing basis as to who would again take the lead. From the start of the puck, both teams fought hard to secure the rubber, which was chased from one end of the rink to the other. The Hubs finally got down to a breakaway, and with a right shot to left, back again, and then to centre, a shot was made which sounded like number 6 for the Hubs. "Some hockey," remarked Manager Culver and his smile was of a sivery nature -- it would come off."

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