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1942-43 American Can Five Pin Bowling Teams
Simcoe Major League and Commercial League Champions
Left to right, Major League Champions: Charlie Potruff,  Chuck Esseltine, Howard Young,  Jay Davis, Clarence Perkins, Cliff Coville,  Len Lensen.
Centre: manager Army Armitage.
Commercial League Champions: Pete Romyn,  Frank Brenchley, Herb Hause,  Jack Garrett,  Harold Dubois,  Wally Krell, Biff Cote.  

Photo courtesy Cliff Coville.

From the 16 Apr 1943 Simcoe Reformer: The final standings in each League were:
Major League Commercial League
American Can 29 Cancos 38
Mitt & Glove 23 Mitt & Glove 21
Jacksons 20 Peerless Cleaners 14
No. 25 T. C. 12 Norfolk Hotel 11

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