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1928 Walker Store Softball Team
Simcoe Softball League Champions
Left to right, back row: R. Bloye, L. McDonald, A. Fort, R. C. Aldridge, B. West. 
Middle row: R. Hoover, manager J. Adams, president H. R. Crabb, G. Neidrauer, W. Grass. Front row: J. Crabb, R. Cross.
Moore Photo courtesy Jim Adams.

Four teams played in the 1928 Town League: [Canadian] Canners, Mitt & Glove, Uilities, and Walker Store.

From 23 Aug 1928 Simcoe Reformer:
"When the Canners softball team failed to put in an appearance in the fourth of their series of championship games at the high school grounds, victory was awarded the Walker Store team which had already won two of three games. It was a disappoining end to an interesting season."

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