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This transcription is of a page 3 article in the 14 Jan 1881 Norfolk Reformer
(The Norfolk Reformer subsequently changed its name to The Simcoe Reformer.) 

Curling Match

On Friday last two rinks of the St. Thomas Curling Club came down to our "antiquated village" as the [tournament press chose to] designate the town of Simcoe, for the purpose of engaging in a friendly game of curling with the club of this place. 

This we believe is the first time, at least in our remembrance, that the people of Simcoe have had the opportunity of witnessing a curling match on our own ice. And the large number present, the genuine interest manifested, and the keenness with which every shot was watched fully demonstrated the fast hold which the "roarin' game" has taken on the affections of a large number of our citizens both young and old.

The match was most evenly and stoutly contested. Every man played his best and to win. Both rinks on each side were captained by skips of undoubted ability and long experience.

The St. Thomas club is one of the best in this part of Ontario, and our players are to be congratulated on their magnificent work, which as the score will tell resulted in bringing victory to the "blocks" of Simcoe. Our club have [sic] played many matches but not a member of it is at all backward in saying that they never played against a finer or more gentlemanly lot of players than they. 

The visiting club while here were entertained by their opponents at the Battersby House, which underwent a thorough inspection at their hands and was unanimously pronounced to the just immense and ahead of anything in any Ontario town within a hundred miles of Simcoe. 

The following is the score.

St. Thomas Rink 1
A. Stewart
J. McAdam
D. J. Broderick
S. O. Perry

(Skip) -- 20.

Simcoe Rink 1
G. B. Jackson
C. C. Rapelje
J. T. Murphy
W. F. Sinden

(Skip) -- 19.

St. Thomas Rink 2
D. Ferguson
Dr. Gustin
Dr. Corlis
J. Micklehorn

(Skip) -- 17.

Simcoe Rink 2
Dr. J. T. Smith
Thos. Lee
R. Williamson
J. Willianson

(Skip) -- 28.

Total -- St. Thomas 37 ; Simcoe 45

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