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1905-06 Waterford Hockey Team
Season Record: won 12 games, lost only 3
Left to right, back row: S. Jones,  W. Seldon, G. Woodley, F. Wilson, W. Lambert,  D. Martin.  Front row: R. Burns,  J. Martin, H. Wilson, E. Sutton, C. Barry. Absent:  Sanderson.
Photo courtesy Waterford's Spruce Row Museum.

From the 25 Jan 1906 Waterford Star:
"Port Dover played Waterford a game of hockey on Thursday night last. The Dover boys were victorious, the score standing 4 to 3 in their favor. The Dover boys were considerably heavier than our team, but even at that, we think that our boys should have won out."

From the 8 Feb 1906 Waterford Star:
"The Simcoe and Waterford Junior Hockey teams played a game at the Palace Rink on Monday evening, resulting in a victory for Waterford.  The score was 3 to 1 at the end of the first half in favour of Waterford, and a close and exciting game was witnessed during the second half. Simcoe scored 6 and Waterford 5, making the total score Waterford 8 -- Simcoe 7."

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