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1907-08 Simcoe Intermediate Hockey Team
OHA Group Four Champions
The six executives wearing suits in the back row are not identified.  Players faces have not been matched to their names.

 Team players were:  goal Frank Coates, point John Crabb,  cover Stanley Smith, centre Linn Cratt, rover J. Andrews,  left wing Webber Peitte, right wing G. Andrews.
Photo courtesy Norfolk Historical Society.

From the 16 Jan 1908 Simcoe Reformer:
"Simcoe Intermediates win opening match. Fast Niagara Falls team defeated by one goal.  Score 6-5.  Fully one thousand spectators were in attendance at Lynnwood rink."

From the 6 Feb 1908 Simcoe Reformer:
"Simcoe Intermediates are champions.  Defeated Welland here 16-8 and won at Niagara Falls 16-11, making them winners of O.H.A. Group 4."

From the 13 Feb 1908 Simcoe Reformer:
"London Intermediates put Simcoe out of O.H.A. race -- with both games of the second round by the same 9-3 score."

Several of these players also appear in the photo of the 1908-09 Intermediate Hockey Team.

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