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1936 Teeterville Hockey Club
Brant-Norfolk Hockey League Champions
Winner of H. Nixon Trophy 1936-37 and 1937-38
Left to right, back row: D. Smallman,  T. Sensabaugh,  mascot M. Wescott, coach Chas. Chapman,  George McCurdy. Centre row:  R. Harwood,  trainer E. McCann,  G. Hagerman, A. Smallman,  secretary-treasurer Chas. Trowhill,  Wm. McPherson.  Front row:  J. Munroe, manager S. Seaton  R. Wescott,  P. Grant,  J. Messerole.
Free's Studio Photo (assumed taken in 1937-38) courtesy Murray Elliott. (Enlargement)

This team played in a five team league with Dundurn, Scotland, Bealton and Oakland.

From the 18 Feb 1937 Simcoe Reformer:
"Teeterville defeated Scotland 3 to 1, the winners scoring all three goals in the first period."

From the 4 Mar 1937 Simcoe Reformer:
"Teeterville eliminated by Rockton -- Brant-Norfolk winners are beaten 3-0 ... counting 3 goals and holding the opponents scoreless, Rockton defeated Teeterville and won the round in an O.R.H.A. playoff fixture at Mason's arena."

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