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Last updated: 10 Dec 2018

Norfolk County's Carillon Tower features two plaques on its face, listing Norfolk's War dead. 
Click the photo of the plaque below to read its list. This page's plaque transcript doubles as an index to our lightly edited transcripts of news reports regarding WWI's fallen.
As additional info about the fallen is found, the names below will become a link to that data. 
Deaths were reported, and transcripts are being added as found -- usually by date of death, 
not by alphabetic sequence. (Also see: History of Carillon Tower)


has been placed here with the hope that it may long stand in evergrowing honour and unfading gratitude to our men of Norfolk who laid down their lives in the great war 1914-1918."

Abbott, D. F. [sic] (Pte.)
Acton, R. E. (Pte.)
Alward, Cecil (Pte.)
Alward, J. W. M. (Sgt.)
Andrews, Geo. A. (Spr.)
Ashford, Levi W. (Pte.)

Baird m.m., Wm. (Corp.)
Ball, Frank (Pte.)
Barnwell, F. W. G. (Sgt.)
Begardus, C. W. (Pte.)
Bennett, Austin (Pte.)
Berry, John (Pte.)
Blake, Leonard (Pte.)
Blore, C. R. (Pte.)
Booth, Harry (Pte.)
Boughner, Leo (Sapper)
Bowyer, Lorne J. (Pte.)
Brier, G. R. (Pte.)
Brinn, Frank (Pte.)
Broadrib, S. H. (Pte.)
Broughton, Wm. (Corp.)
Brown, H. Carl (Pte.)
Brown, Harold (Pte.)
Brown, J. C. “Bill” (Pte.)
Brown, Robt. Ray (Lt.)
Browne, Sandy McD. (Flt. Lt.)
Burnett F. Earl (Pte.)
Butler, Harold (Pte.)
Butler Jas. R. (Pte.)

Cade, Walter (Pte.)
Campbell, Wm. H. (Pte.)
Carnahan, John T. (Pte.)
Cassels, E. J. (Pte.)
Clark, Arthur (Pte.)
Coates, Lloyd (Pte.)
Colton, George (Pte.)
Cook d.c.m. m.m., G. W. (Pte.)
Cook, John (Pte.)
Cook, Wallace (Pte.)
Coward, Gerald W. (Pte.)
Craig, James (Pte.)
Crerar, John S. (Pte.)
Cripps, F. (Pte.)
Cruise, Milton G. (Lieut.)
Crysler, Carleton (Flt. Lt.)

Davis, Harvey H. (Pte.)
Daw, Alfred (Pte.)
De Line, Walter (Pte.)
Denny, Wm. (Pte.)
Devitt, Roscoe (Pte.)
Dick, Milton W. (Lieut.)
Dick, Wm. H. (Pte.)
Dickey, William (Pte.)
Dickie, Geo. (Pte.)
Dickson, David (Pte.)
Dickson, Patrick (Pte.)
Diver, Harold F. (Pte.)
Dolman, E. F. (Pte.)
Dorey, Fred (Pte.)
Doudney, John E. (Pte.)
Dougherty, Frank (Pte.)
Dugit, R. Louis (Maj.)

Edmonds m.c., Harold S. (Lieut.)
Emsley, W. H. (Pte.)

Faulkner, Wm. E. (Pte.)
Feere, Roy (Pte.)
Fleg, Laurens M. (Pte.)
Folmsbee, John (Pte.)
Franklin, Cecil (Lieut.)
French, Walter (Pte.)

Garland, Leonard H. (Pte.)
Gilson, Allen (Pte.)
Goulden, J. M. (Sgt.)
Green, Verne (Sgt.)
Greenland, V. E. M. (Pte.)
Gurr, Wesley (Pte.)

Hammond, C. Bert (Pte.)
Hammond, H. Lloyd (Lieut.)
Hammond, Herbert W. (Pte.)
Hansel, Lorne (Pte.)
Harding, Henry A. (Lieut.)
Harris, Alf H. (Pte.)
Harrison, Andrew (Pte.)
Harter, Ed. (Pte.)
Hickman, Reginald (Pte.)
Hickman, Roy (Pte.)
Hill, Frank W. (Pte.)
Hillis, Harold (Pte.)
Hobson v.c., Fred (Sgt.) 
Howarth, Ben (Pte.)
Howick, Roy (Pte.)
Huke, John W. (Pte.)
Hutcheon, A. W. (Pte.)
Hutchinson, Archie (Pte.)
Huxley, Jas. (Sgt.)
Hyde, Foster (Pte.)

Jarvis, Walter (Pte.)
Jones, A. L. (Pte.)

Kenline, Nelson (Pte.)
King. Alfred (Pte.)
Kneller, Thos. (Pte.)
Knight, Reginald (Pte.)
Knott, A. Fred (Pte.)
Krell, Percy (Pte.)
Lane, Arthur (Pte.)
Larsson, Albert (Pte.)
Leask, Bruce B. (Pte.)
Lefler, Marshall (Pte.)
Lewis, Lloyd B. (Pte.)
Lockman, Lewis A. (Pte.)
Long, Walter (Pte.)
Low, Walter (Pte.)
Lown, Wm. (Pte.)

Malcolm, C. O. (Pte.)
March, Arthur T. (Sgt.)
Marr, Wallace (Pte.)
Martin, Edgar (Pte.)
Masters, Harry (Pte.)
May, John (Pte.)
McCall, A. E. (Pte.)
McCall, Gordon C. (Pte.)
McClentic, Cyrus (Pte.)
McKenzie, Norman (Pte.)
McLeod, Alex (Pte.)
McNab, Charles S. (Pte.)
Messecar, Andrew (Pte.)
Miller, T. (Pte.)
Moffat, Morley E. (Pte.)
Morris, Archie (Pte.)
Morris, David (Pte.)
Morris, George E. (Pte.)
Morrow, Lorance T. (Pte.)
Mott, J. E. (Flt. Lt.)
Murch, E. (Pte. Cl.)
Murphy, Francis L. (Pte.)
Murphy, H. J. (Corp.)
Musgrove, Thos. (Pte.)
Myers, Roy (Pte.)

Neill, Geo. A. (Sig.)
Nethercott, Harold V. (Pte.)
Nunn, Robt. (Corp.)

Olmstead, Hugh L. (Pte.)

Pake, John (Pte.)
Parrell, Geo. F. (Pte.)
Paulin, A. Hilton (Capt.)
Pearce, Edgar D. (Pte.)
Pegg, Clinton (Sig.)
Pepper, Thos. (Sgt.)
Place, Chas. S. (Pte.)
Porter, Wilson (Lieut.)
Powell Cecil (Pte.)
Powell, Joseph (Pte.)
Pratt, Geo. A. (Pte.)
Prentice, Robt. (Pte.)

Quanbury, Ernest C. (Pte.)
Quanbury, J. Henry (Lt.)

Reed, Chas. (Pte.)
Revell, Harry (Pte.)
Reynolds, James (Pte.)
Ribble, Geo. A. (Pte.)
Richmond, W. P. (Pte.)
Ringler, W. J. (Pte.)
Robins, Lorne (Pte.)
Robinson, Thos. (Pte.)
Rush, C. Clyde (Pte.)
Ryerse, Freeman (Pte.)

Schloss, Leo. (Pte.)
Scott, Leonard (Pte.)
Searles, John R. (Pte.)
Sebring, Charlton (Pte.)
Sellar, E. H. C. (Pte.)
Sherlock, Geo. (Pte.)
Sherman, Harry (Pte.)
Silverthorne [sic], O. (Pte.)
Simmons, Wilfred (Pte.)
Slaght m.c., John O. (Capt.)
Slingerland, H. A. (Pte.)
Sloat, Nile (Pte.)
Small, Gordon A. (Pte.)
Smith, Ed. G. S. (Pte.)
Smith, Ernest W. (Pte.)
Smith, H. Whitney (Pte.)
Smith, John A. (Pte.)
Smith, Percy J. (Pte.)
Smith, Walter (Pte.)
Smith, Wm. (Pte.)
Sohier, Bernard (Sgt.)
Souter, J. Mitchell (Flt. Lt.)
Spain, Geo. (Pte.)
Spain, John W. (Pte.)
Speller, W. J. F. (Pte.)
Stegmeir [sic], D. Earl (Pte.)
Stewartson, Guy (Pte.)
Stipe, Chas. L. (Corp.)
Strohm, F. N. (Pte.)

Thompson, Roy B. (Pte.)
Towland, Robt. (Pte.)
Truesdale, Alice (Nurse)

Wakeford, Stan (Pte.)
Wallace, Percy E. (Pte.)
Walpole, David (Pte.)
Walpole, Leonard E. (Pte.)
Watmough, Jno. (Pte.)
Watt, R. Sherwin (Flt. Lt.)
West, Arthur (Pte.)
West, Bill Jim (Pte.)
West, Lewis E. (Pte.)
Westgarth, John (Pte.)
White, G. J. (Cadet)
Whiting, Lewis C. (Pte.)
Whitside, Leroy (Lieut.)
Wilson, John (Pte.)
Winegarden, Ross E. (Pte.)
Wood, Arnold (Pte.)
Wood, Harry C. (Flt. Lt.)

Youmans, Ernest (Pte.)
Young. J. (Pte.)

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