Etc. -- Jack Goulden died of wounds, 1918
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The following is from page 16 of the 26 Apr 1917 issue of the 
Simcoe Reformer

Sergt. Jack Goulden has recently written to friends in town that he is an instructor in England, although he would prefer to be with his friends from this town who are on active service in France. He expects to be detailed to qualify for a commission shortly.


The following is from a page 1 article in the 26 Sep 1918 issue of the
Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


796087 Jack Martin Goulden was reported in a 
recent casualty list as having died of wounds. 
He was a young Englishman living in Simcoe 
when he enlisted with the 133rd Battalion.

He was one of the staff of the H. S. Falls Company, 
and during the years he had spent here made for 
himself many friends.

Shortly before going overseas he gave to 
Mr. Amos Neiderauer, with whom he lived, 
[a newspaper clipping of "A Song of Life" 
by Amelia Josephine Burr] saying it was his 
belief that he would not survive the war.

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Jack Goulden

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