Etc. -- Thomas Miller killed, 1916
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The following is from a page 9 article in the 18 May 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Our Letter Box

To the Editor of the Simcoe Reformer:

Dear Sir, -- I am writing this letter for the benefit of 
the friends of Private Thomas Miller, of which he had no small number in Simcoe and around Renton. 
He was a boy who was well liked both in civilian life 
and during the time he was a soldier.

Tommy enlisted three or four days before I did and went to Niagara under Lieut. George Curtis, and it 
was there that I became acquainted with him.

Private Will Ringler, Tommy and myself were the only ones picked for the draft, and sent to England. There 
we left Ringler, as he was taking a machine gun course.

Tommy and I came to France together and although 
we were in different platoons we were nearly always together and I miss him very much. We used to talk about the folks at home and as we got your paper 
nearly every week we found lots to discuss.

I wish Tommy's friends to know that he died as bravely and as courageously as any soldier who has left Canada for active service and I am sure his name will be honored with the best.

I regret not having written before but since we have been moving from one place to another, never knowing where we were going next.

I regret too, to say that my chum Private Ringler has been killed by shell fire. I do not know wtether he had any friends in Simcoe, as his home is somewhere near Ottawa, but nevertheless he enlisted in Simcoe with a better heart than a good many. 

He was drafted into the 29th Battalion, Machine Gun Company, and I only saw him once in France. He had just come from England and was joining his battalion and I just had time to shake hands with him. I did not see him again.

I saw the boys of my old battalion (the 58th). [They] were all looking well and were just going into the trenches. Lieut. Curtis was much grieved to hear that two of his old platoon had gone.

Hoping this will interest the readers and the friends of my two chums, and that you will be able to giive this letter a small space in your paper, which I get weekly, and which is, by now, going to many parts of France.

Yours truly,
Pte. J. Cripps,
C. Co., 26th Batt., France.

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