Etc. -- Leo Schloss gave life, 1916
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The following lightly edited transcript is of a page 12 article in
the 19 Oct 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


The casualty list of Tuesday contained the name of Private Leo Schloss, a Hollander, who gave his life in the cause of the Allies.

He had no relatives in this country and came to Simcoe from Toronto to work on the farm of Mr. Edward Burch.

He enlisted with the detail recruited here under Lieut. George Curtis in the spring of 1915. At that time he was employed by Mr. John Blow of Woodhouse.

From page 12 of the 7 Jun 1917  Simcoe Reformer.

Pte. Leo. Schloss (photo), the young Hollander who enlisted from Simcoe, went to France with the 58th Battalion, and was killed in action.

By his will he left his accumulated pay to the Simcoe I.O.D.E. and Mrs. G. O. Werrett, who had been kind to him. 


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Pte. Leo Schloss

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