Etc. -- Leonard Garland died of wounds, 1916
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The following transcription is of a page 1 article in the 1 Jun 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.  
[Some paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]
[Compiler's Comment: source document was torn, data missing.]

One More for Norfolk's Lengthening List

St. Williams, May 26 -- Today's casualty list contains the name of [Private] Leonard Herbert Garland ... having "died of wounds."

[Private] Garland was an Englishman [who] prior to his enlisting worked [for] Dominion Settlement Ass[ociates] and Mr. Richard Wood.

He ... at Simcoe in the 76th Batt. ... July 18th of last year, but ....wards transferred to the ... serve.

He had tried to [enlist] [re]peatedly from the beginning [of the] war but was several times [turned] down.

At last after considerable expense, borne by himself, he succeeded in getting in. This surely should be an example to the physically fit young man of Norfolk who are still holding back.

Private Garland received his death wound on April 26th the Battle of St. Elio. He was taken to a hospital in France, but was afterwards removed to the Duchess Connaught Hospital at Tap[lox] ... England, where he died.

[Th]ough only a resident of St. [William]s for about three years Pri[vate] Garland made many friends and [he has] left them the memory of a young man who died for his ...y's [.....]

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