Etc. -- Verne G. Green Killed in Action
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The following lightly edited transcription is of a page 1 article in 
the 1 Mar 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
[Paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]

Sergt. Verne G. Green, No. 109363,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Green
of Teeterville, Norfolk County

Sergt. Green enlisted, being then 24 years of age, with the Mounted Rifles at Brantford, on 14 Nov 1914.
He was living at the time in Chatham, where he was the assistant superintendent of the W. L. and Lake Erie Electric Railway.

After enlistment he came home to Teeterville and worked a month on the farm with his father, as a preparation for the harder work of a soldier.

Sergt. Green was known to many in Simcoe, also in Waterford, where he attended High School. 
A glance at his photograph will show what a valuable young life has been lost to the Dominion by the unlucky chance of war.

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Verne Green
Photo from microfilm

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