Etc. -- Foster Hyde Killed in Action, 1916
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The following is from page 1 of the 5 Oct 1916 issue of the 
Simcoe Reformer


Foster Hyde, whose death in action was reported a few weeks ago was well known about Simcoe. He was a son of the late Lewis Hyde, and his mother lives with another son, Charles, on the homestead, a mile or two east of Bloomsburg schoolhouse, in Townsend Township, where Foster was born 34 years ago. Mr. Hyde spent most of last winter at home, though he had lived for some years in the West. Early in the spring he went to British Columbia and almost immediately after enlisted and went overseas with the 102nd Battalion, a B.C. unit. He got to England in June and had only been at the front a very few weeks when he was instantly killed.

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