Etc. -- Harvey Davis killed in France, 1917
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The following is from a page 1 article in the 29 Apr 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.


Word has come to Mr. William E. Davis that his son, Pte. Harvey Harry Davis, 796596, has been killed in France.

Pte. Davis was in a Railway Conservation Battalion, and as the telegram did not state particulars, farther than to say he had been "killed," it is conjectured that he may have been the victim of an accident. Dying, none the less, for his country.

He was 27 years of age and unmarried. His father lives in Charlotteville, about a mile west of Salem Church.

The following is from a page 1 article in the 23 Aug 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

How Harvey Davis Died

The following letter was addressed to Mr. Wm. Davis of Atherton. It is from N. E. Oakes, (797622), 
14th Canadians, and was written June 10, 1917, at 
Elm Bank Red Cross Hospital, Eccles, Eng.

Dear Friend. -- I have received the Simcoe Reformer from my wife and in the issue of April 26th, I saw Harvey's picture; also sorry to hear of his death.

I wish to inform you that he was not with a 
railroad battalion, but was with the 14th Canadians, 
and was by my side when hit. 

He was hit the same time as I was and both fell the same time, and got into the same shell hole. He was shot through the right thigh, and I in the left.

It was shortly after six in the morning when we were wounded. We got about 800 yards in the enemy lines. Our wounded were dressed about an hour later, it being about two in the afternoon when I reached our own lines. They promised to bring Harvey right in, but I guess they did not. He was asleep when I left him. 
I am very sorry I did not wake him up and make them take him first.

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Harvey H. Davis

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