Etc. -- Norman McKenzie Killed in Action, 1918
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The following is from a page 1 article in the 19 Sep 1918 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Norfolk Casualties

796025 Pte. Norman J. McKenzie of South Walsingham. Killed in Action.

Pte. Levi Ashford of Cultus. Killed in Action.
796026 Pte. Roy C. Feere of Port Rowan. 
Killed in Action.
673672 Pte. Harry W. Fisher of Middleton. 
Previously reported missing, now listed as dead.
796645 Pte. Edward Henry George Sellar of Simcoe. Killed in Action.
796204 Pte. Harry Orlando Wright of Toronto. Previously reported missing, now listed as dead. 

And from the same source...


Word has been received that Private MacKenzie [sic] was wounded in the head on the 8th of August and died the same day.

In October 1913, when eighteen years of age, he came from Glasgow to Mr. William Hunter of Port Rowan, where he remained until he enlisted with the 133rd Battalion.

He tried to don khaki in the fall of 1914, but being under the regulation height was not accepted. In Oct 1918, however, he became a soldier, prepared to sacrifice all if necessary, for King and Country.

In his short stay in Canada he made many friends and was held in the highest esteem by all, and those who knew him best realize that they have lost a friend whom it will be difficult to replace.

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Norm McKenzie

Norm McKenzie

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