Etc. -- Will Ringler Killed in Action, 1916
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The following are extracts from a page 9 article about Private 
Thomas Miller in the 18 May 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.
To the Editor of the Simcoe Reformer:

... Private Will Ringler, Tommy [Miller] and myself were the only ones [at Niagara at the time] picked 
for the draft, and sent to England. There we left 
Ringler, as he was taking a machine gun course.....

I regret ... to say that my chum Private Ringler has 
been killed by shell fire. I do not know whether he 
had any friends in Simcoe, as his home is somewhere near Ottawa, but nevertheless he enlisted in Simcoe with a better heart than a good many. 

He was drafted into the 29th Battalion, Machine Gun Company, and I only saw him once in France. He had just come from England and was joining his battalion and I just had time to shake hands with him. I did not see him again...

Yours truly,
Pte. J. Cripps,
C. Co., 26th Batt., France.

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