Etc. -- John Westgarth dies, 1916
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The following transcription is of page 1 article in the 
29 Jun 1916 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


Word was received in Simcoe on Tuesday of the death from wounds of Pte. John Westgarth, of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Canadian Division.

His death occurred at the 3rd Clearing Hospital, on the 16th inst., but no information is obtainable as to when the wounds were received.

Pte. Westgarth was 25 years of age and single. He went from Simcoe with Lieut. Dugit, and was transferred to the 3rd Battalion and sent to France about two months ago.

His mother lives at 25 Maple Street. A brother, Henry, went with Lieut. Force, and is serving at the front in the 20th Battalion. Another brother, Robert, is a member of the 133rd Battalion Band. 
Mrs. James S. Urie is a sister, and her husband is a member of the 133rd.

The family have been residents of the town for some seven years, and the three young men have during 
the greater part of that time all been valued employees 
of the Dominion Canners.

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John Westgarth

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