Etc. -- James Mitchell Souter shot down, 1917
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The following transcription is of a page 1 article in the 19 Apr 1917 
issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
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Went overseas as the signalling officer of the 133rd. 
He afterwards qualified as an aviator and had been 
in France as a Flight Lieutenant for a few weeks. 

Lieut. Souter was from Hamilton, where his father, 
Mr. James Souter, of the Malcolm Souter Co., recently received a cable informing him that he had been missing since April 11th.

He was last seen 100 feet in the air above the enemy's lines observing their movement and reporting to his base. It is believed that he was shot down during the engagement on the 11th inst., and was taken prisoner or killed while doing his duty for King and country. 

Observer Souter was 23 years of age and was born and resided all his life in Hamilton. He had completed his second year at Toronto University in S.P.S. and left there to join the 13th Regiment. 

When he qualified as a signaller he took very high marks and was immediately selected to be signalling officer of the 133rd. He is the first officer of that unit to fall in action.

The following transcription is of a page 1 article in the 3 May 1917 
issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

More Casualties
The Dead

Lieut. James Mitchell Souter, formerly signalling officer of the 133rd Battalion, first reported missing, now officially reported dead.

797195 -- Pte. Percy Jesse Smith of Vittoria

797608 -- Pte. Marshall Lefler of Waterford.

796211 -- Pte. Arthur E. McCall of Osceola, Penn., one of the circus contingent.


797132 -- Frank Binn, severely in knee.

757315 -- Thos. Fenton of Langton, gunshot wound to face, 16 Apr


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Mitchell Souter

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