Etc. -- Marshall Lefler dead, 1917
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The following is from a page 1 article in the 3 May 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

More Casualties

Since our last issue the fateful cables and telegrams have been raining on Norfolk. So far as we have been able to gather, the casualties of the week are/include:

797608 -- Pte. Marshall Lefler of Waterford. His mother now lives in Woodstock.  


The following is from page 1 of the 26 Apr 1917 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Marshall Lefler is the first Waterford boy to lose his life in the war. He left here with the 133rd and had been in the trenches about five months.

A cable announcing his death was received here Monday morning. He was a son of the late Lemuel Lefler and his mother, Mrs. Bert Squire, lives in Woodstock. He brother, Lemuel, also left here with the 133rd.

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Marshall Lefler

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