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New -- Andrew New, farmer, RR3 Delhi 
Sophia New, RR3 Delhi [1919 Voters List]

New -- Caroline New died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]
-- Caroline, wife of Jacob New, 1830-1872 [Rhineland Cemetery stone] 

New -- Miss Jennie New of Delhi married Mr. James Wardell of Tillsonburg, Thursday afternoon in Delhi [SR19100331p8]

New -- Miss Nina New of Middleton married Geo. M. Singer of Oxford County, 18 Sep 1894 in Delhi [NR18940927]

Newbury -- Mrs. A. R. Newbury, sister of Simcoe postmaster H. Mulkins, died 8 Jun 1908 at home of her daughter, Mrs. Florence Baker in New Jersey [SR19080611]

Newby -- Miss Maggie Newby of Walpole married John Carpenter of Townsend, 15th ult. at Cheapside [BC18901105]

Newcomb -- Albert Newcomb, laborer, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Newcomb -- Matilda Newcomb wed William Trinder [Ontario Vital Stats 1877] 

Newcombe -- Enid Newcombe: 
-- see 1917 Simcoe High Honor students
-- see 1918 High School Honor Roll
-- see 1920 Pass Matriculation
-- see 1920 Middle School Normal Entrance Results

Newcombe -- Miss Enid Newcombe, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Newcombe of Toronto, formerly of Simcoe, will marry Aubrey de Vere Hunt of Toronto, on 12 Dec [1928] in Nigeria, West Africa [photos accompany, SR19281122p4] -- see scan from microfilm.

Newcombe -- Rev. Newcombe -- see The story of Spooky Hollow

Newcombe -- H. C. Newcombe -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Newcombe -- Rev. H. C. Newcombe, B.A. donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141119p1]

Newcombe -- Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Newcombe donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141203p1]

Newcombe -- Harley Coleman Newcombe, Captain [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- Harley Coleman Newcombe of Simcoe, Baptist, clergyman, born 30 Aug 1869 in New Brunswick, wife: Edith Emma Newcombe of Simcoe
-- see a scan of his Officer's Declaration.
-- see Five Returned Soldiers
-- see Fare's letter of  20 Aug 1917
-- spoke at ceremony -- see Middleton's Fallen

Newcombe -- Rev. H. C. Newcombe of Simcoe's mother, Mrs. Sarah E. Newcombe, 79, died 3 Jan 1920 in Vancouver [obituary SR19200108p1] [Compiler's Comment: obituary has more genealogy]

Newcombe -- H. C. Newcombe, clergy, 69 Head St. North, Simcoe 
Edith Newcombe, 69 Head Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Newcombe -- Rev. Harley C. Newcombe 1869-1953
his wife Edith E. 1874-1955 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Newcombe -- [Harold/ Harold R.] Newcombe: 
-- see
Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- see 1920 Simcoe Junior High results

Newcombe -- Ida Newcombe -- see 1920 High School diplomas

Newcombe -- Form I student Irene Newcombe was on Simcoe High School's Apr 1918 Honor Roll [SR19180509p1]
-- see 1918 High School Honor Roll
-- see 1917 Simcoe High Honor students
-- see 1919 Lower School Results
-- see 1920 Simcoe High honor roll

Newel -- George Stewart Newel born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Newel -- Hugh Newel was an officer of 1913 Woodhouse Council

Newell -- [male] Newell died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Newell -- Annie Ethleen, 14, daughter of Rev. J. R. and Annie L. Newell, died 5 Nov 1902 at Markdale. Interred at Port Dover last Saturday [SR19021113]

Newell -- Annie Newell, St. Patrick Street, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Newell -- Arthur Lawrence, 3, son of Rev. J. R. and Annie L. Newell, died 16 Mar 1894 in Port Dover [NR18940322]

Newell -- Charles W. Newell of Paris married Leola, daughter of Thomas Little of Simcoe, 9 Apr 1907 in Paris [SR19070419]

Newell -- Edith May Newell, 8 years 8 months 18 days, daughter of P. P. and J. Newell, died 25 Apr 1892 in Tilsonburg [NR18920428]

Newell -- F. P. Newell of Tillsonburg married Mrs. L. Ullman of Tillsonburg, [24] Feb 1913 in Tillsonburg [SR19130306p7]

Newell -- Miss Francy Newell, daughter of Peter P. Newell of Tillsonburg, married Felix G. See of Cleveland, Ohio, 8 Jun 1903 in Toledo [SR19030619]

Newell -- George Stewart Newell died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Newell -- Harry Clayton, 1 year 8 months, youngest son of John Newell, died 13 Apr 1882 in Waterford [BC18820426]

Newell -- Hugh Newell's wife Isabella, 56 years 11 months 6 days, died 13 May 1899 in Walsingham [SR18990525] -- Isabella, wife of Hugh Newell, died 13 May 1900 
[Jericho Cemetery stone]

Newell -- Hugh Newell, 32, born 27 Apr 186[7] in Ontario, brick m laborer
his wife Emma, 35, born 21 Mar 1866 in Ontario
his single adopted daughter Bertha, 9, born 7 Jan 1882 in Ontario
his single brother Stace [sic], 19, born 10 Oct 1881 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]
[Compiler's Comment: confirm reported ages, birth dates]

Newell -- Hugh Newel [sic] was a 1916 Woodhouse Township Council officer [SR19160330p5]

Newell -- Mrs. Hugh Newell's father, Mr. Chambers, who lives near Lynnville is ill 
[Townsend SR19170118p2]

Newell -- Hugh Newell, farmer, RR5 Simcoe 
Isabel A. Newell, Lot 17, Concession 6, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Newell -- Miss Lillie Newell, second daughter of Henry Newell of Middleton, married F. H. Chadwick of Courtland 5 Apr 1905 in Tillsonburg [SR19050414]

Newell -- Rev. J. R. Newell, incumbent of St. Paul's, Port Dover, married Annie L., second daughter of Charles E. Bourne of Jarvis, 1 Sep 1886 at St. Paul's, Jarvis [NR18860909

Newell -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Newell a son 23 Aug 1890 in Port Dover [BC18900903]

Newell -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Newell a son 3 May 1892 in Port Dover [NR18940531
[Compiler's Comment: surname listed as both Newel and Newell.]

Newell -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Newell a daughter 17 May 1894 in Port Dover [NR18940531]

Newell -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Newell a son 17 Aug 1900 in Markdale [SR19000906]

Newell -- James Newell died [BC19060221]

Newell -- Jane Maria Newell, 77, widow of Robert Hodgson, died 12 Feb 1913 in Simcoe
-- see her obituary  

Newell -- [Joseph] Newell, 32, born 26 Feb 1869 in Ontario, thresher
his wife Margry [sic], 32, born 23 Feb 1869 in Ontario
his single daughter Lyal [sic], 10, born 29 Nov 1890 in Ontario
his single adopted son [Joseph], 4, born 15 Jul 1896 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Newell -- Martha, 88, widow of Jessie Rice, died 12 Sep 1902 at home of her son-in-law, Robt. Hodgson, in Simcoe [SR19020918] -- Martha Newell, 88, wife of Jessie Rice, died 11 Sep 1902 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone

Newell -- Kate Mary Victoria (Minnie), only daughter of late Wm. H. Newell, Esq. of Port Dover and niece of James Douglas, Esq. of St. Catharines, married James S. Hoath, principal of Alliston public schools, 28 Dec 1887 at St. Catharine [sic] [BC18880104]

Newell -- Peter P. Newell wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Newell -- to wife of P. P. Newell:
-- a son 17 Jul 1878 in Port Dover [BC18780724p3]
-- a son 19 Oct 1879 at Port Dover [NR18791030p3]
-- a son 26 Jan 1881 at Port Dover [BC18810202]
-- a daughter 14 Aug 1883 in Simcoe [NR18830816]
-- a son 14 Feb 1886 in Port Dover [NR18860218]
-- a son 15 Aug 1893 in Tilsonburg [NR18930824]

Newell -- Mrs. Peter Newell, 57, died 26 Jul 1912 in Tillsonburg [SR19120801p7]

Newell -- Peter P. Newell, 74, died 19 Sep 1918 in Tillsonburg -- see his obituary

Newell -- Robert Newell, who was born in Simcoe, son of late Steven Newell, brother of Mrs. Robert Hodgson of Simcoe, dropped dead of heart failure while pumping water, 4 Feb 1906 at Cedar Springs, Michigan [SR19060223p1]

Newell -- Stacy Barcroft Newell born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Newell -- Stephen Newell wed Martha Brown -- see her story

Newell -- Steven S. Newell died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875] -- Steven S. Newell, 70, a native of Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, died 11 Feb 1875 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Newen -- H. Newen of Simcoe, marble cutter -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Newham -- Miss Agnes Newham of Townsend married John H. Blow of Mayville, Michigan, 27 Oct 1889 at home of Mr. Berry in Windham [BC18891106]

Newham -- John Newham married Miss Maggie, second daughter of James Wilds of Hamilton, 1 Aug 1887 at the minister's residence [BC18870804]

Newham -- Jeanie Wilds, 25, wife of John Newham and daughter of Jas. Wilds of Hamilton, died 26 Jan 1887 in Simcoe [NR18870203]

Newkirk -- Newkirk and others, Lot 12, Concession BFne, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Newkirk -- A. and Moses Newkirk, Lot 22, Concession 2, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Newkirk -- Abram Newkirk was an officer of 1918 South Walsingham

Newkirk -- Abram Newkirk, farmer, Port Rowan 
Nettie Newkirk, Lot 16, Concession 3, South Walsingham [1919 Voters' List]

Newkirk -- Miss Anna Francis Newkirk of Windham married John William Cooper of Townsend 5 Jul 1884 in Waterford [WS18840710] [BC18840716]

Newkirk -- Miss Belle Newkirk of Port Rowan married J. Clarence Becker of Erie View, 24 Mar 1909 in Simcoe [SR19090325]

Newkirk -- Dr. C. T. Newkirk, 73, died 16 Sep 1909 in Bay City, Michigan [SR19090923
-- see Hero Physician was St. Williams native

Newkirk -- Catherine Ann Newkirk wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Newkirk -- Earl Newkirk: 
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- see 1920 Simcoe Junior High results
-- see 1920 Simcoe High honor roll

Newkirk -- Edward Newkirk, 58, of Bay City, Michigan died 28 Feb 1889 at Central Hotel in Gladwin, Michigan. Born in St. Williams, went to Michigan 22 years ago. Survived by wife, two adopted children, and brothers, Drs. C. F. and M. F. Newkirk of Bay City [BC18890320p5]

Newkirk -- Ernest Newkirk of Port Rowan married Miss Kate Anderson of Port Rowan 25 Jul 1897 at home of John Anderson of Port Rowan [SR18970805]

Newkirk -- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Newkirk of Worester, Mass. are visiting
[Port Rowan SR19140723p8]

Newkirk -- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Newkirk accompanied Mrs. Iva Pennington of Cartwright, Manitoba, when she visited her sister, Mrs. W. Allan of Port Rowan [SR19200108p3]

Newkirk -- Evelyn Newkirk was a 1920 Simcoe Junior Third student [SR19200708p3]

Newkirk -- Evelyn Irene Newkirk, 45, wife of Roy Bock of Simcoe, died 10 Apr 1952 in Simcoe 
-- see her obituary

Newkirk -- Garnet Newkirk married Elizabeth Brandow of Walsingham, 9 Aug 1836. 
Witnesses: Hiram Brandow; Abraham Brandow [GJR-SR19010307]

Newkirk -- Geo. Newkirk -- see 1916 St. Williams

Newkirk -- George Newkirk, engineer, 568 Norfolk St. N., Simcoe  
Martha Newkirk, 568 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe  [1919 Voters List]

Newkirk -- George Newkirk-Rohrer 1876-1951
his wife Martha E. Clemens 1875-1955 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- James and Caroline Newkirk's daughter, Martha A., 4 years 19 days. died 3 Aug 1860
[Port Royal Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- to Sarah Spencer, wife of James Newkirk:
-- a daughter 5 Nov 1898 in Charlotteville
-- a son 30 May 1901 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Newkirk -- James Newkirk, 33, born 10 Jul 1867 in Ontario, machinist
his wife Sariah [sic], 30, born 6 Nov 1870 in Ontario
his single daughter Jessie, 9, born 15 May 1891 in Ontario
his single son Bruice [sic], 5, born 16 May 1895 in Ontario
his single daughter Ethel, 2, born 5 Nov 1898 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Newkirk -- James Newkirk taught Alvin Fry cabinet-making and upholstering in the 1870s 
-- see Alvin's obituary

Newkirk -- Mrs. James Newkirk participated -- see C. J. Palmer's 100th birthday

Newkirk -- James M. and Susan Newkirk's son Webster Blake, 5 months 25 days, died 14 Apr 1894 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- James S. Newkirk wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Newkirk -- James S. Newkirk wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Newkirk -- John Newkirk, 60, died 19 Apr 1892
his wife Susan Watts, 60, died 4 Nov 1901;
their infant son John W. [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- Joseph Newkirk was elected an officer of 1890 South Walsingham Agricultural Society [BC18900122p1]

Newkirk -- Marie Newkirk, daughter of Moses Newkirk, wife of Ephraim Layman, died 10 Jun 1918 in South Middleton -- see her obituary

Newkirk -- the will of Matilda Newkirk of Houghton was probated in 1897  [Norfolk Wills]

Newkirk -- Moses and A. Newkirk, Lot 22, Concession 2, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Newkirk -- Moses and Catherine Newkirk of St. Williams, were parents of Mrs. Ephraim Layman of Walsingham -- see the obiituary of their granddaughter, Mrs. A. C. Doan

Newkirk -- Moses Newkirk, 73 years 5 months 18 days, died 23 Aug 1880 
 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- Nathaniel Newkirk wed Martha Ann Newman  [Ontario Vital Stats 1875

Newkirk -- Nathaniel Newkirk, 55, born 26 Sep 1845 in Ontario, miller
his wife Martha A., 50, born 28 Oct 1850 in Ontario
his single daughter Lillian K., 16, born 21 Feb 1885 in Ontario
his single lodger Fredk Myers, 17, born 22 Feb 1884 in Ontario, druggist clerk
his married lodger William F. Sind[o]n, 64, born 24 Oct 1836 in England, immigrated 1855, miller
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Newkirk -- Mrs. N. Newkirk of St. Williams has gone to Belle Plain, Sask., to visit her daughter, Mrs. Ostrander [SR19170628p5]

Newkirk -- Nathaniel Newkirk, 59, died 10 Oct 1903 in Port Rowan [SR19031023
-- Nathaniel Newkirk, 1846-1903 |his wife Martha Anne 1850-1929 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

Newkirk -- Pierce Milton, son of Walter Newkirk, married Miss Lowena Fern, daughter of Albert Countryman of Port Rowan, Tue 9 Nov 1915 in Walsingham [SR19151118p11]
-- Pierce Newkirk married Miss Fern Country last Monday at Walsingham Centre. They will live in St. Thomas, where Pierce is a street railway conductor [Port Rowan SR19151118p2]
-- Mrs. W. A. Countryman was mother of Mrs. Pierce Newkirk of St. Thomas [Port Rowan SR19170301p3]

Newkirk -- Susan Newkirk,70, widow, born 15 Oct 1830 in England, immigrated 1841
her single daughter Minnie, 33, born 10 Jul 1867 in Ontario
his single grandson George Roher [sic], 25, born 25 Feb 1876 in U.S., immigrated 1876
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Newkirk -- Mrs. W. Newkirk of Port Rowan is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. Becker in St. Thomas [SR19179405p2] -- Mrs. W. Newkird of Port Stanley is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. Becker at Port Rowan [SR19170906p5]

Newkirk -- Walter Newkirk, 21, farmer, born in Walsingham, resident of Charlotteville, son of John and Susan, married Emma Howden, 18, born in Walpole, resident of Charlotteville, daughter of George and Anna, 21 Nov 1883 in Vittoria. Witnesses: Walter and Hannah Price of Walsingham [Ontario Vital Stats registration 008053]

Newkirk -- Walter Newkirk 1864-1944
Emily, wife of Walter M. Newkirk, 1866-1922 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]

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