Etc. -- 1919 Lower School Results
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 1 article in the 14 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Lower School Results 

The following Lower School certificate candidates have been reported as successful. 

Harvey H. Andrews, Simcoe
Kathleen M. Andrews, Port Rowan
Marjory K. H. Atkinson, Port Rowan 
Lotta Awford, Port Dover
Thos. Z. Boles, Simcoe
H. D. Cantello, Waterford
Donald A. Cook, Simcoe
E. A. Coombs, Waterford
Helen Crabbe, Simcoe
Eula E. Franklin, Port Rowan
Enid N. Froud, Delhi
E. M. Goold, Waterford
Marjorie Gundry, Simcoe
Marjorie A. Hall, Delhi
Marguerite Halliday, Delhi
Anna I. Holden, Port Dover
C. Fern Hyde, Simcoe
H. Patterson Innes, Simcoe
Jessie G. Irwin, Port Dover
Irene C. Jamieson, Simcoe
Ella G. Kendall, Delhi
Faith I. Kendall, Delhi
G. Marion Langfield, Port Dover
James S. Livingstone, Port Rowan
L. W. Mason, Waterford
Albert F. McBride, Port Dover
Stanley W. Murray, Port Dover
Irene Newcombe, Simcoe
Ethel L. Ritenhouse, Delhi
Margaret M. Ross, Delhi
Margaret R. Sidway, Port Dover
Alice K. Skinner, Simcoe
Marjory Smyth, Simcoe
Margaret Tisdale, Simcoe
M. Marion Townsend, Port Rowan
Ivan L. Waldeck, Port Dover
Ruby I. Winegarden, Simcoe


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