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The following is based on a much longer page 1 article from 19 Nov 1914 Simcoe Reformer.

What will you do for the Belgians?
by John Cardiff

By popular demand, Norfolk County's political, religion and business leaders, their wives and others, crowded into Simcoe's Town Council Hall 17 Nov 1914 to urgently establish and organize a County-wide World War I Belgian Relief effort. 

"It would be difficult to parallel such an array of speakers in this part of the world and the audience was given an opportunity of hearing a lot of talk that must have set the dullest mind thinking as to what our duty is."

Under the motto "Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice," everyone in Norfolk was asked to contribute as much money, food, clothes, blankets and shoes as possible for shipment to Belgium.

Frank Reid turned the use of Lynnwood, the historic home of Duncan Campbell, over to a newly formed committee of church women for use as a central depot. Local depots were established in most other Norfolk communities. The objective: half a dozen carloads of contributions on the rails to Montreal within a month.

"... at Simcoe, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford and Vittoria there are canning factories; at Port Dover there is one of the big underclothing factories of Canada, in Simcoe there is a big blanket mill. The produce of these factories are just what the Belgians need. The plan of the committee is to spend every dollar of Norfolk money in the purchase of Norfolk products, made by Norfolk labor."

Not everyone donated, not every donation was publicly acknowledged in subsequent issues of the Simcoe Reformer, and not all listed donors names were possible to transcribe,  but so many were that we  listed them in the B-M-D Etc. in hopes it may inform genealogy researchers whether their ancestors were living in Norfolk at the time.

From page 1 of the 4 Mar 1915 Simcoe Reformer:
"The twelfth car shipped to Belgium from Norfolk County un the auspices of the County Patriotic Aid Committee, got away as per timetable on Thursday afternoon last. It was packed to the roof, and contained over 50,000 pounds of food and clothing loaded at Delhi and Simcoe."


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