Etc. -- 1913 Woodhouse Township Council Officers
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The following is not a transcript. Rather it is a reconstruction of the data presented in an article published on page 7 of the 3 Apr 1913 issue of the Simcoe Reformer
This construct lists those named alphabetically, which the original did not. 
Names duplicated in the source document are not duplicated below.

The following have been appointed Pathmasters, Fence viewers, Pound-keepers and/or Sheep Valuators  for 1913.

Woodhouse Council

Allen, Chas.
Andrews, Geo.
Andrews, Hugh
Angle, Paul E.
Austin, F.
Austin, Judson
Austin, Walter
Baker, John
Bannister, Ed
Beemer, Frank
Belbeck, Hy.
Blake, Daniel
Blow, John
Bowlby, J. H.
Bowlby, Thomas
Bro[o]k[h]old, C. M,
Brown, John
Buchner, Geo.
Buchner, George
Buck, Thomas
Burch, Dan.
Carpenter, W. J.
Carter, Fred
Caswell, R. W.
Chadwick, J. L.
Cratt, Lynn
Cross, William
Culver, Chas.
Culver, John
Decoe, Alex.
Dosser, Robert
Dunbar, Wm.
Eaid, Chas.
Edmondson, Thomas
Edwards, Geo.
Elliott, C.
Exelby, Chas.
Falloon, George
Farr, Elisha
Feargue, Thomas
Field, Wesley
Ford, G. G.
Fox, Robert
Gee, John
Henderson, George
Horn, Thomas
Kent, F. H.
Kinchsular, Chas.
King, John C.
Kitchen, Alvey
Kniffin, Edward
Law, Geo.
Livsey, Joel
Lundy, Benj.
Mabee, Keith
McBride, George
McBride, John W.
McBride, S. F.
McBride, Wm.
McCarty, Chas.
McCarty, J.
McCoy, John
McInally, Cam.
McPherson, Ramuel [sic]
Miller, Emerson
Misner, Chauncey
Misner, James
Mitchell, George
Mo[ri]lo[v], Gilbert

Newel, Hugh
Nixon, Robert
Nunn, Ed.
Pope, Thomas
Porter, Milton
Potts, George
Potts, Samuel
Powell, Al.
Quanbury, C.
Reynolds, George
Roberts, Enoch
Robinson, Sam.
Ryerse, Art.
Schilz, Mathais
Shand, Harvey
Smith, John
Smith, Sol
Smith, W. A.
Smith, W. F.
Sowden, S.
Stewart, Clen
Thompson, Ham.
Trinder, Charles
Tupper, Clement
Waddle, Bruce
Waddle, J. R.
Walker, Art.
Walker, Jas.
Ward, David
Wardell, Nelson
Watson, Jas.
Watson, Wm.
Williams, B.
Woolley, C. D.
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