1916 Norfolk's Own
Last updated: 24 Sep 2018
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1916 Norfolk's Own, 133rd Battalion
by webmaster John Cardiff

From page 1 of the 9 Nov 1916 Simcoe Reformer:
"Next week our intention is to publish ... 
a complete alphabetical slate of the officers and men of the 133rd Battalion, C.E.F. [Canadian Expeditionary Force]. Full Christian and surnames, regimental number and rank will be given ..."

From page 1 of the 16 Nov 1916 Simcoe Reformer:
"... we present to our readers the official list of the officers and men comprising the 133rd Norfolk Battalion, C.E.F."

At least that was the Reformer's intent. Even a cursory review of the published list reveals omissions from my ancestry, and perhaps yours. Nevertheless, this appears to be a reasonably complete and accurate attempt to gather together the names of those serving at the time.

Those from other battalions transferred into the 133rd are included in this list; local men serving in other battalions will be included, when found.

The inclusion of regimental numbers may prove useful to those seeking additional details of an ancestor's First World War military service.

At enlistment an Attestation Paper was completed for each soldier, listing his name, home address, date and place of birth, occupation, next-of-kin and other information of interest to genealogists.  Attestation Paper transcriptions are slowly being added to this B-M-D Etc. Index.

The data provided in the Reformer is being dispersed alphabetically throughout B-M-D Etc. Click on the first letter of the surname you seek (above) to review our interspersed list. 

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