Etc. -- Dec 1917 Simcoe High Honors List
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 1 of the 17 Jan 1918 Simcoe Reformer. 

Simcoe High School
Honors List for the Month of Dec 1917

Edna Andrews -- Form IV
Harvey Andrews -- Form I
Angela Beal -- Form III
Mildred Bowyer -- Form II
Ea[.] Cline -- Commercial
Rita Cline -- Form II
Myrtle Clouse -- Form IV
D. Cook -- Form I
Paul Donly -- Form III
Helen Gage -- Form I
Edith Gay -- Commercial
Myrtle Glynn -- Form IV
John Hare -- Form II
Claire Hunter -- Form III
Fern Hyde -- Form I
Margaret Innes -- Form I
Patterson Innes -- Form I
Edgar Jenkinson -- Form II
Ella Jull -- Form III
Leo Kelly -- Form IV
Bessie McIntosh -- Form IV
Harry McKnight -- Form I
Enid Newcombe -- Form II
Irene Newcombe -- Form I
Orland Osborne -- Commercial
Helen Owen -- Form III
Gladys Quanbury -- Form IV
Lillian Pamplin -- Form II
Edith Parr -- Form III
Tom Read -- Form I
Francis Reid -- From II
Amy Robinson -- Form III
Leta Ryckman -- Commercial
Alice Skinner -- Form I
Dorothy Smythe -- Form II
Margery Smythe -- Form I
Kathleen Snyder -- Form I
Alice Stewart -- Form I
Alex. Stuart -- Form IV
Kenneth Stuart -- Form III
Howard Swart -- Form III
Margaret Taylor -- Form II
Margaret Tisdale -- Form I
John Trafford -- Form I
Margaret Vail -- Form II

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