Etc. -- 1918 South Walsingham officials
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of those appointed, listed in a page 10 article in the 14 Mar 1918 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

South Walsingham Council

[Township] Council met in the town hall at Langton on Saturday, 23 Feb 1918. During that meeting the following township officials were appointed for 1918.
[Compiler's Comment: fence viewers were also sheep inspectors.]

Aker, Sidney pathmaster
Aker, Sidney pound keeper
Alward, L. pound keeper
Anger, Geo. T. pound keeper
Anger, George Y. pathmaster
Ashford, John pathmaster

Bennett, Eugene pound keeper
Biddle, Edward pathmaster
Brooks, Jos. pathmaster
Brown, Charles pathmaster
Buck, Austin pathmaster
Bulmer, Ansley pathmaster

Cope, Thomas pound keeper
Cronk, Dennis pathmaster
Curtis, Fred pound keeper

Davis, J. B. pathmaster
Dedrick, A. S. pound keeper
Dedrick, Elgin pound keeper

Farr, Albert pound keeper
Fick, Stephen fence viewer
Fisher, Clarence pathmaster
Fletcher, S. B. fence viewer
Foster, C. M. pound keeper
Foster, J. C. pathmaster
Foster, W. E. fence viewer

Hazen, P. pathmaster
Hitchcock, Stephen pathmaster
Hodges, Geo. pathmaster
Humphrey, Geo. fence viewer
Hutchinson, B. pathmaster
Hutchinson, Bruce pathmaster

Leighfield, W. H. pathmaster

Marr, Arvil pound keeper
Martin, John A. fence viewer
Mitchell, Sam pathmaster
Morick, Aaron pound keeper
Moulton, John pound keeper

Newkirk, Abram pathmaster

Overbaugh, David pathmaster
Overbaugh, David pound keeper
Overholt, Alonzo pound keeper

Pickard, Wm. pathmaster
Piette, Emerson pound keeper
Price, Dayton fence viewer

Quick, Wesley pathmaster

Shipley, L. pound keeper
Skuce, F. pathmaster
Smith, Sam pathmaster
Starling, Edward fence viewer
Starling, Edward pathmaster

Townsend, A. E. fence viewer
Turnbull, W. pathmaster

Underhill, J. E. pathmaster
Underhill, Thomas pathmaster

Welch, Hy. pound keeper
White, Joseph pathmaster
Whitesell, Orton pathmaster
Will, F. J. fence viewer
Wingrove, Fern pathmaster
Wingrove, George pathmaster

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