Etc. -- C. J. Palmer's 100th birthday celebrations
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The five and seven year of sons of Craig Culver of RR5 Simcoe, celebrated their cousin's birthday with her. (Photos by Harold B. Stewart) Images from microfilm.
Two lifelong friends of Miss Palmer are these twins, Mrs. Cameron McBride (left), 92, and Mrs. George MacIntosh, both of Port Dover. 
Mrs. Carman Farr, past president of the Ontario teachers federation, presented Miss Palmer, a former teacher, with a bouquet of roses. 
Twins Delbert Shoff (left) and David Shoff, 59, both of RR3 Simcoe, are former pupils of Miss Palmer. They started in her class when they were five. 
A lightly edited transcription of a pages 1 and 7 article in the 24 Feb 1965 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.
Vittoria Gathering Draws 200

VITTORIA (Special): Nearly 200 friends and relatives gathered at the Vittoria Town Hall yesterday to honor Miss C. J. Palmer on her 100th birthday.

Members of the Christ Anglican Church Guild and the Vittoria Women's Institute planned the birthday party. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Harry Gundry, Mrs. Arthur Johnstone and Mrs. C. Beickler. Miss Nora Bullock and Mrs. Thomas Hill Sr. were in charge of the guest book.

Mrs. Gerald Williams of London, a cousin of Miss Palmer's, read birthday greetings. Among the greetings were those from Queen Elizabeth, 
Prime Minister Pearson, Opposition Leader Diefenbaker, Premier Roberts and Provincial Treasurer Allan.

Harry Thompson brought greetings from the Charlotteville Township School Area Board. A bouquet of roses from the Federation of Women Teachers Associations of Ontario was presented by the past president of the FWTAO, Mrs. Carman Farr of Simcoe. Mrs. Jack Roxburgh, wife of the Norfolk MP, brought congratulations from the South Norfolk District of Women's Institutes.

Miss Palmer expressed her thanks for "all the kind wishes of my friends."  

Tea was poured by Kathrine Bullock, Mrs. W. H. Deal, and 
Mrs. Harry Jewell. Guests were served by Mrs. Margaret McIsaac, 
Mrs. R. W. Harris, Mrs. Howard Lawrence, Mrs. Charles Wilks, 
Mrs. Leighton Walsh, Mrs. Gordon Church, and Mrs. Alfred Swing.

Tea arrangements were make by Mrs. John Dick, Mrs. Hugh Nichol, 
Mrs. James Newkirk, Mrs. T. P. Pope, Mrs. George Quick and 
Mrs. Murray Church.

Guests were present from Norfolk County, Oakville, London, 
St. Catharines, Toronto, Caledonia, Dundas and Hickson.

At noon a dinner party was given by the management of the Johnson Nursing Home in Port Dover, where Miss Palmer is a resident.

Last Sunday the Woman's Guild of Christ Anglican Church gave a gold cross for the altar at a special service in honor of Miss Palmer's life of service to the community. 
Rev. H. D. Herring of Port Rowan conducted the service. 
Rev. J. M. Donaldson brought best wishes from St. John's Woodhouse, and Memorial Church in Port Ryerse. 
Rev. Ronald Ward of the Vittoria Baptist Church also brought congratulations on behalf of his congregation. 
Flowers were placed on the altar by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Williamson 
and the Tisdale family.

C. J. Palmer
Image from microfilm

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