1918 High School Honor Roll
Last updated: 16 Oct 2015
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This is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of students in Forms I, II, III and IV published on page 1 of the 28 Nov 1918 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

High School Honor Roll

Harry Aitken
Harvey Andrews

Angela Beal
Dorothy Berry
Rhea Berry
Katharine Boles
Tom Boles
Jean Borland

Rita Cline
Donald Cook
Dorothy Cooke
E[n]a Cropp
Hester Culver

Paul Donly

L. Forsythe
Erie Freeland

Helen Gage
Louis Gibson
Alice Goodale
May Guiler
Vera Guiler
Marjorie Gundry

Florence Holman
Clare Hunter
Evelyn Hurlburt
Harvey Hutchison
Fern Hyde

Patterson Innes
Robert Innes
Wm. Innes

Helen Johnson
Ella Jull

R. Kellam
Lenore Kelly

Edith Lea

Florence Masecar
Evelyn McCall
Mary McKnight

Enid Newcombe
Irene Newcombe

Helen Owen

Lillian Pamplin

Quance, Bert

Francis Reid
Thos. Read
Norma Robbins
Amy Robinson

David Selby
Margaret Sharp
Alice Skinner
Dorothy Smythe
Marjorie Smythe
Kathleen Snider
Rhea Snider
Donald Stuart
Kenneth Stuart
Howard Swartz

Margaret Taylor
Margaret Tisdale

Winnie Waddle
James Walker
Wray White
Mildren [sic] Wilson
Effie Woolley

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