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Kellar -- Arthur Gordon Kellar, 797180, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own] -- Arthur Gordon Kellar, 18, of Langton, farmer, born 5 Sep 1897 in Hamilton, nephew of Mrs. Robert Mills of Langton
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Keller -- Private Arthur Gordon Kellar (photo) of the 133rd suffered gunshot wounds to the face on 3 Mar 1917. His home is in Walsingham, where his mother resides. Enlisted with an Elgin County unit. Has been in hospital since Nov. His brother was killed in the same action in which he was wounded. Both boys were born in England but have lived in Canada since they were children [SR19170322p22] [Compiler's Comment: compare with his Attestation Paper]

Kellar -- Arthur Gordon Keller of Langton has reportedly being gassed [SR19170920p1] -- Private Arthur Kellar has been admitted to hospital suffering gas poisoning [SR19170920p3]

Kellar -- Pte. Arthur Keller [sic] has been gassed again. He was wounded in the face about a year ago, and was gassed last September [SR19180328p11] -- A. Kellar of the 133rd has returned [SR19190220p6] -- Isaac Chambers of Langton welcomed his son, Pte. Frank Chambers and Pte. Arthur Kellar home from the war with a surprise party [SR19190410p11]

Kellar -- A. Keller, Houghton, was a 1919 Voter Enumerator

Kellar -- Arthur G. Kellar, salesman, Kinglake [1919 Voters List]

Kellar -- to wife of John Kellar a daughter 5 Sep 1898 in Waterford [WS18980908p5]

Kellar -- Minnie Kellar attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Kellar -- W. A. Kellar of Langton married Miss Lillian Bronson, 28 Dec 1910 at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ecker, Marston [SR19110105p8] 

Kellar -- William Kellar, laborer, Tillsonburg [1919 Voters List

Keller -- Mr. John Keller died Sun 3 Oct 1886 in Lynedoch. Funeral Tue 5 Oct 1886. 
Interment: St. John's, Woodhouse [Lynedoch NR18861007p2]

Keller -- Patrick Elmer Keller of [Woonsorket, S.D.] married Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Penhall of Villa Nova's daughter, Miss Dorothy Martha Penhall, 12 Sep 1919 at Villa Nova [SR19190925p7]

Keller -- William Keller, farmer, RR4 Simcoe 
Myrtle Keller, Lot 16, Concession 13, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Kelley -- also see Kelly

Kelley -- Mrs. Kelley died [BC19060516]

Kelley --Amanda Kelley of Tillsonburg married Fred Tripp of Culloden, 31 Aug 1907 at home 
of Mrs. Tripp, Ingersoll [SR19070906]

Kelley -- Annie Kelley born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kelley -- Miss Annie Kelley married John Hiram Smith of Simcoe, 21 Apr [1908] in Simcoe [SR19080423]

Kelley -- Miss Clara Kelley of Otterville married Geo. Watts of Port Dover, 29 Mar 1895 in Otterville [NR18950411]

Kelley -- Elizabeth, 6[3]. wife of W. P. Kelley of Simcoe, died 20 Apr 1912 at home of her son George Kelley in Guelph [SR19120425p2]

Kelley -- Mrs. Frances Kelly of Teeterville married John R. F. Lumsden of Burford, 29 Mar 1899 in Simcoe [SR18990406
-- Mrs. Frances Kelley of Teeterville married John R. F. Lumsden of Burford, 29 Mar 1899 in Simcoe [WS18990413p1]

Kelley -- George Kelley was a Simcoe blacksmith in 1840 
[NO18401022p3] [NO18410102p3]

Kelley -- George W. Kelley, G.T.R. engineer, Guelph, son of W. P. Kelley of Simcoe, married Miss Emma Susan Haslam of Syracuse, N.Y., daughter of a Brantford family, [2 or 3]0 Dec 1907 in Brantford [SR19080109]

Kelley -- George William Kelley born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kelley -- Hattie Edith, only daughter of W. P. Kelley, married Claude Rorabeck, mechancial electro engineer, of Detroit, Mich., 20 Jun 1904 at her parents' home in Simcoe [SR19040624]

Kelley -- to Hattie Kelley, formerly of Simcoe, wife of Claude Horabeck, a daughter: Helen Isabella, 19 Dec 1911 at Newark, N.J. [SR19111228p7]

Kelley -- Jeannette Kelley wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Kelley -- Jessie Kelley, barber, of Waterford, married Miss Mary Whittrick of Drumbo 27 Dec 1898 at Drumbo [WS18990105p1]

Kelley -- John Kelley, 30, son of Mrs. Ed. Kelley of Simcoe, died 20 Jul 1885 in [Seney], Mich. [NR18850730]

Kelley -- Mrs. Lemuel Kelley of Kelvin is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fisher of Scotland [SR19170517p2]

Kelley -- Mary Kelley, 57, widow, born 3 Apr 1843 in Ireland, immigrated in 1855
her single son John Leahy, 26, born 26 Feb 1873 in Ontario, laborer
his single son Jerry Leahy, 23, born 7 Jul 1877 in Ontario, laborer 
[1901 Census of Townsend:1]

Kelley -- Mary Kelley, widow, Waterford; Lot 8 Concession 5, Townsend 
[1919 Voters List]

Kelley -- Mary Ann Kelley, 1842-1909 | wife of William Quirk, Sr. 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone] [GPS: N 42 49.975 | W 80 17.444]

Kelley -- Miss Myrtle Kelley married Wm. Graves last Wednesday at her father's home in Bookton [Teeterville WS18990420p8] 
[Compiler's comment: their Bookton cemetery stone spells her surname: Kelly]

Kelley -- Robert Kelley was an officer of 1887 Windham 

Kelley -- Roy Kelly of Paris will marry Miss Mabel Alexander on 20 Dec 1916 [Langton SR19161221p5] -- Mabel, only daughter of Mrs. Kate Alexander, married Roy, son of William Kelley of Paris, Ont., 20 Dec 1916 at her mother's home. Bride was a teacher in Norfolk. Couple will settle on groom's farm, two miles from Ayr [SR19161228p7]

Kelley -- Russell Temple Kelley, formerly of Simcoe, married Miss Grace G. Powls of Hamilton, last week in Hamilton. Miss McCall of Simcoe attended [SR19101020p7]

Kelley -- to wife of Salem A. Kelley (nee Maggie E. Robertson) a son 6 Apr 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Kelley -- Sandy Kelley had mail waiting for him at the post office in Vittoria on 7 Dec 1841 [NO18420101p3]

Kelley  -- Sarah Kelley wed Walker W. Cole [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]  
-- Miss Sarah J. Kelley of Simcoe married Walter W. Cole of Simcoe, 28 Dec 1876 in Simcoe [

Kelley -- W. E. Kelley [Compiler's Comment: Kelley was a common misspelling of W. E. Kelly's surname]

Kelley -- to wife of barrister W. E. Kelley a son 29 Sep 1898 in Simcoe [WS18981013p5]

Kelley -- to wife of barrister W. E. Kelley [sic] a son 4 Jul 1903 in Simcoe [SR19030717

Kelley -- to wife of W. E. Kelly a child [BC19061024]

Kelley -- W. E. Kelley -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List  

Kelley -- W. P. Kelley -- also see W. P. Kelly

Kelley -- W. P. Kelley-- see 1873 Tillsonburg Observer article

Kelley -- to wife of W. P. Kelley of the British Canadian newspaper:
-- a daughter 16 Mar 1880 in Simcoe [
-- a son 23 Aug 1882 in Simcoe [BC18820830]
-- W. P. Kelley: 
-- was publisher of 1889 British Canadian in Simcoe [BC18891023]
-- was elected an 1893 Masonic Officer

Kelley -- Wm. P. Kelley, 62, born 9 May 1838 in Ontario, printer
his wife Elizabeth E. Kelley, 54, born 7 Dec 1846 in Ontario
his single daughter Hattie E. Kelley, 20, born 16 Mar 1881 in Ontario
his single son Walter P. Kelley, 18, born 23 Aug 1882 in Ontario, canning factory
his widower father-in-law John Aukland [sic], 85, born 14 May 1815 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Kelley -- W. P. Kelley, 76, died 21 Feb 1915 in Simcoe [SR19150225p7] 
-- William Poldon Kelley, former publisher of the British Canadian newspaper, died Sunday -- see his obituary

Kelley -- Walter P. Kelly, 32, died 6 Mar 1915 in Simcoe [SR19150211p11]
-- Walter P. Kelley, 33, employee of Dominion Natural Gas, son of the late W. P. Kelley, died Saturday in Simcoe. Funeral from home of his uncle, Jos. Auckland. A sister, Mrs. Rorabeck of Dayton, Ohio, and brother, George Kelley of Guelph, survive [obituary SR19150311p1]

Kelley -- William Kelley died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kelley -- Wm. Kelley -- see 1911 Simcoe High honor roll
-- see 1914 SHS Form Four photo

Kelley -- Mrs. William Kelley of Glen Meyer was a daughter of Mrs. Joseph Vannatter 
-- see mother's obituary

Kellog -- Fanny, 84, widow of the late Joseph Kellog, died at the home of her son John in Burtch [WS19101110p1]

Kellogg -- Edmund Kellogg had mail waiting at Simcoe in Dec 1840

Kellum -- Mr. A. Kellum was pallbearer for Mrs. Chas. Harrison

Kellum -- Agnes A. Kellum wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Kellum -- Anne Jane Kellum of Walpole married Leonard H. Yager, 20 Jan 1857. 
Witnesses: John H. Beemer; and Wm. Cunningham [GJR-SR19010321]

Kellum -- Annie Kellum, 71, widow, born 2 May 1829 in Ontario
her single grandson Herb McDonald, 14, born 5 Aug 1886 in Ontario, laborer
[1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Kellum -- Mrs. Anne Kellum, 75, a resident of Waterford, died 27 May 1904 in Nixon [SR190406]

Kellum -- Ansley Kellum of Townsend married Miss Edith Moore of Townsend, daughter of Peter Moore of Townsend, 26 Dec 1900 at her father's home [SR19010110] [WS19010103p1] -- see their wedding review
-- also see Peter's obituary -- see 20 Years Ago

Kellum -- Ansley Kellum: 
-- see 1919 Townsend Ag Society officers
-- see 1919 Township Fair Officers

Kellum -- Ansley Kellum, farmer, RR5 Waterford 
Edith E. Kellum, part Lot 10, Concession 8, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- Ansley Kellum 1878-1969 | his wife Edith Eliza Moore 1876-1963
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Kellum -- Arthur Kellum, 29, born 11 Mar 1872 in Ontario, laborer
his wife Ella, 23, born 21 May 1877 in Ontario, canning factory
[1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Kellum -- Bernese [sic] Kellum of Townsend married Miss Lucy Moore, daughter of Peter Moore of Townsend 23 Dec 1896 at her father's home [SR18970107] -- also see Peter's obituary

Kellum -- Bernice Kellum, 28, born 2 Jul 1872 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Lucy, 28, born 27 Aug 1872 in Ontario
his single farm labor Henry Howden, 19, born "don't know" 1881 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Townsend:5]

Kellum -- Bernice Kellum, farmer, RR4 Waterford 
Lucinda Kellum, part Lot 7, Concession 9, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- Bernice Kellum 1872-1954 | his wife Lucinda Moore 1872-1960
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Kellum -- Bert Kellum:
-- donated to Ag. Society in 1916.
-- see 1919 Townsend Officials

Kellum -- Beulah Kellum -- see 1920 Simcoe High honor roll

Kellum -- Miss Clara Kellum had her sister, Mrs. H. C. Collver, visit [SR19190403p7]

Kellum -- Clara Kellum, single, RR4 Simcoe; Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- Dalton Kellum -- see 1919 S.S.4 Windham Promotions

Kellum -- E. Kellum -- see 1913 Townsend Officers 

Kellum -- Miss Electra Kellum, [67], died 19 Apr 1897 in Townsend [WS18970422p5]
-- the will of Electra Kellum of Townsend was probated in 1896 [Norfolk Wills]

Kellum -- Ella Venetta Kellum wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880] -- Miss Ella V. Kellum married Marshall Robinson, 26 Oct 1880 in Waterford [BC18801103p3]

Kellum -- Emily Lorina Kellum, 62, widow of Isaac Kellam, died 24 Sep 1912 in Windham [SR19120926p7]

Kellum -- Esther Kellum, housewife, Main street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- Eunice Kellum, 74 years 6 months, wife of Hugh Slaght, died 20 Jan 1900 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Kellum -- Franklin Kellum celebrated his 82nd birthday at his home south of Waterford on Tuesday. Guests from Boston, Vanessa, Simcoe and Waterford attended [WS18970311p1]

Kellum -- Franklin Kellum, 86 years 15 days, died 17 Mar 1901 near Bloomsburg [SR19010328] [WS19010321p5] -- Franklin Kellum, yeoman, of Townsend Township, died 17 Oct 1901. Executors: Ruby Ann Barber, Jane Wisson, Eli Barber [Notice to Creditors WS19011024p8]

Kellum -- George Kellum was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Kellum -- George Kellum, 81, born 13 Jul 1819 in U.S., immigrated 1821, farmer
his wife Margret [sic], 74, born 15 Feb 1817 in Ontario
his single daughter Louisa, 38, born 18 Feb 1862 in Ontario
his single adopted daughter Sarah A. Tunison, 60, born 7 Apr 1840 in Ontario
his single farm labor Claud Post, 20, born 3 Nov 1880 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Townsend:5] [Compiler's Comment: next door to Lebbeus [sic] Kellum. See Lebius Kellum]

Kellum -- Mrs. George Kellum, nee Margaret Schuyler, died 4 Mar 1906 at her home near Tyrrell -- see her obituary

Kellum -- George Kellum, 93, died 3 Mar 1911 in Townsend [SR19110309p6]

Kellum -- George Kellum 1819-1911 | his wife Margaret 1817-1906
Lousia Kellum 1851-1930 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Kellum -- Geo. Kellum, Windham yeoman, was a provisional director of the Simcoe Pork Packing Co. Ltd. [WS19000104p4]

Kellum -- George Kellum was father of Mrs. F. D. Collver 
[Bloomsburg SR19150422p3]

Kellum -- Geo. Kellum & Son donated to Ag. Society in 1916.

Kellum -- George Cecil Kellum born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kellum -- Harvey Kellum was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Kellum -- Harvey Kellum was employed by Green Bros. & Co. Foundry, Waterford in 1877 [WS19090401p1] -- also see his daughter's obituary

Kellum -- Harvey Kellum, 72, died 3 Oct 1880 in Waterford [BC18801020p3]

Kellum -- Harvey Kellum's widow, Julia, 85 years 1 months 17 days, died 14 May 1893 at home of her son-in-law, Nelson Green, in Waterford [NR18930525]

Kellum -- Herbert Kellum of Waterford married Miss Maryetta, daughter of A. K. Hodges of Waterford, 25 Dec 1884 in Waterford [WS18860101] [BC18850107]

Kellum -- the stork visited the home of Hilton Kellum 14 Apr 1918 and left a son [Lynnville SR19180418p2]

Kellum -- Mrs. Hilton Kellum of Lynnville played: Miss Annie L. Lundy, daughter of Isaac Lundy, married Harry L. Whittaker of Calgary, 22 Feb 1911 in Wilsonville. Bride's little niece Helen Potts was ring-bearer [SR19110302p6]

Kellum -- Hilton Kellum sold his 50-acre farm, known as the Curtis farm, to Fred Leask [Lynnville SR19200304p11]

Kellum -- Horace Kellum 
-- see 1919 Ag Society
-- see 20 years Ago
-- see Horace Kellam

Kellum -- Mrs. Huldah Kellum of Kincardine, a former resident of Lynedoch, has been here visiting [SR19171018p9]

Kellum -- to the wife of Isaac Kellum a son 18 Jan 1880 in Windham [BC18800121p3]

Kellum -- to wife of Isaac Kellum a daughter 16 Nov 1887 in Windham [BC18871130]

Kellum -- Issac Kellum was elected vice president, Windham Ag Society 
[Windham Centre SR1890116p1]

Kellum -- Isaac Kellum was 1900 Reeve of Windham Township [WS19000104p1]

Kellum -- Isaac Kellum, 56, died 9 Mar 1905 in Windham [SR19050317p4]

Kellum -- J. Kellum and A. Horning, Lot 6, Concession 12, Windham  [1857 Sketch]
-- to wife of J. W. Kellum of Delhi, a son, 24 Apr 1915 in Simcoe [SR19150429p9]

Kellum -- to wife of James Kellum, a daughter 3 Jan 1869 in Windham [NR18680107p3]

Kellum -- Mrs. James Kellum of Windham was a daughter of Mary Boughner Bauslaugh
 -- see her mother's obituary

Kellum -- James F. Kellum subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Kellum -- James Kellum of Delhi married Anna, daughter of M. Thornburn, 30 Jun 1913 at her parents' home in Delhi [SR19130703p12] [SR19010703p1]

Kellum -- Jason Kellum:
-- was an Assessor and the Collector of Townsend in 1850 [WS18990302p1]
-- was Assessor and Collector of Townsend in 1852 [WS18990302p1]

Kellum -- Mrs. Jason Kellum donated to Belgian Relief (Delhi car) [SR19141203p4]

Kellum -- to wife of Jason W. Kellum, a son, Mon 18 Mar 1918 in Simcoe [SR19180321p9]

Kellum -- John McKellum [sic] -- see January 1862 News

Kellum -- L. Kellum:
-- was 1897 Reeve of Townsend [SR18961231p1]
-- donated to Ag. Society in 1916.

Kellum -- L. Kellum of Townsend:
-- served on Fall 1898 Grand Jury [SR18981124p1]
-- served as foreman of 1899 Grand Jury

Kellum -- Lebbeus Kellum, 72, died 26 Oct 1856 | his wife Sophia died 20 Jun 1870 
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Kellum -- farmer [Lebius] Kellum of Townsend, 26, born in Townsend, son of George and Margaret Kellum, married Sylvia Ann [Colva] of Townsend, 16, born in Townsend, daughter of Aaron and Martha [Colva], 1 Dec 1869 in Townsend 
[Ontario Vital Stats 1869]  
[Compiler's Comment: Norfolk researcher Robert Mutrie reported in a 19 Nov 2003 email: this was Lebeus Kellum. Cemetery stones (below) identify this couple as Lebius Kellum and Silvia A. Culver]

Kellum -- Lebius Kellum was Reeve, Townsend [WS18990216p5] 

Kellum -- Lebbeus [sic] Kellum, 58, born 11 Feb 1843 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Sylvia A., 47, born 15 Jan 1854 in Ontario
his married son Ansley, 33, born 23 Apr 1878 in Ontario
his daughter-in-law Edith, 25, born 14 Feb 1876 in Ontario
his single laborer George Racher, 17, born 9 Jan 1884 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:5]

Kellum -- L. Kellum of Tyrrell has a patch of sugar beet plots that Mr. VanPatter described as perfect [WS19010606p8]

Kellum -- Mrs. L. Kellum was a daughter of Martha (Appleford) Culver -- see Martha's obituary

Kellum -- Lebius Kellum, farmer, RR4 Simcoe 
Sylvia Kellum, Lot 1, Concession 14, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- ex-Warden Kellum spoke -- see Elgin Mason's birthday

Kellum -- Lebius Kellum, 81, died 7 Aug 1924 in Waterford [WS19240814p1] -- see his obituary

Kellum -- Lebius Kellum 1843-1924 | his wife Silvia A. Culver 1854-1930
their son Winford 1875-1875 [Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Kellum -- Lorne R. Kellum kept a cigar stand in the Melborne Block in 1914 

Kellum -- Louie Belle, eldest daughter of George Kellum of Windham, married  Frederick Heath Woolley, second son of Joseph Henry Woolley of Colborne 16 Jun 1892 at her father's home [NR18920623]

Kellum -- Louisa Kellum, single, RR4 Simcoe; Lot 17, Concession 13, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Kellum -- Margaret Schuyler, 89 years 17 days, wife of George Kellum, died 4 Mar 1906 at her home near Tyrrell. Born 15 Feb 1817 near Bloomsburg, a daughter of Townsend pioneer William Schuyler, she married George on 2 Apr 1842. Three of 4 children survive: Mrs. Enice Appleford of Tyrrell, Miss L[ouise] Kellum and adopted daughter Miss Sarah Ann T[e]nison at home. Surviving son: [Lebius] Kellum is ex-Warden of Norfolk County 
[obituary SR19060323p1 | B-M-D column SR19060309] [BC19060314]

Kellum -- Mac Kellum, 15 months, died 16 Jul 1916 [In Memoriam SR19170719p6]

Kellum -- Miss Minnie Kellum, daughter of Mrs. Isaac Kellum, married Percival B. Yeager 18 Sep 1907 at her mother's home at Lynnville [SR19070927]

Kellum -- Newton Kellum: 
-- wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]
-- employed by Green Bros. & Co. Foundry, Waterford, 1877 [WS19090401p1] 
-- was involved in 1884 Waterford baseball 
-- also see Sports: 1884-1889 Articles

Kellum -- Mr. and Mrs. Newton Kellum of Big Rapids, formerly of Waterford, visited Mrs. Sicklesteel and family [Bloomsburg  SR19200909p7]

Kellum -- Sarah C. Kellum, 75, wife of Stephen B. Pettit, died 23 May 1914 in Windham [SR19140604p6]
-- Sarah C. Kellum 1836-1914 | her husband Stephen B. Pettit 1827-1915 their daughter Minnie 1866-1886
Charles Pettit, 1795-1877 | his wife Ann Bedell, 1793-1879 
[Vanessa Cemetery stone]

Kellum -- Miss Sarah Mar[y]illa Kellum, second daughter of James Kellum, married Allen Crysler [sic] 13 Sep 1893 at home of her father in Windham [NR18930914] [Compiler's Comment: see Chrysler, Allen]

Kellum -- Sophia Kellum died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kellum -- Susannah Kellum wed Albert F. Smith [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Kellum -- W. Kellum, son of Newton Kellum, pitches for Indianapolis. On his way to Buffalo he gave the boys lessons in fast pitching and hard batting [WS18990810p1]

Kellum -- to wife of Warren Kellum a daughter 12 Jul 1903 at Delhi [SR19030724]

Kellum -- Warren Kellum donated to Belgium Relief at Delhi [SR19150211p5]

Kellum -- Warren B. Kellum, 46, born 16 May 1854 in Ontario, mill hand
his wife Esther, 39, born 3 Apr 1861 in Ontario
his single son John Roy, 17, born 16 Jan 1884 in Ontario
his single son Jason W., 15, born 10 Feb 1886 in Ontario
his single son Howard H., 8, born 9 Apr 1892 in Ontario
his single daughter Ethel L., born 15, 18 Apr 1885 in Ontario
his single daughter Elsie Mae, 12, born 4 Dec 1888 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of Delhi]

Kellum -- Warren B. Kellum, machinist, Main street, Delhi [1919 Voters List

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