Etc. -- 1919 Townsend Township Officials
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 2 of the 23 Jan 1919 Simcoe Reformer. 

Townsend Council

The following Townsend Township councillors-elect met 13 Jan 1919:
W. H. Mason
John Myerscough
W. J. Schuyler, Deputy Reeve
Geo. D. Sewell
James Welsh, Reeve.

The following were appointed:
P. W. Cline, audiitor
Orton Haviland applied as assessor
George Limage, auditor
R. C. McMichael, applied as assessor
W. W. Schuyler, truant officer
Wesley Woodley, truant officer.

The following accounts were paid:
Bert Kellum
James Mandorville
P. S. Messecar
W. Parney
A. Peaker
Jas. Ross
J. Silverthorne
Wm. Wilcox
I. E. York

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