Etc. -- 1919 Norfolk Agricultural Society officers and members
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 1 of the 23 Jan 1919 Simcoe Reformer. 

Norfolk Fair Holds Its Annual Meeting

Members hear Gratifying Annual Statements, and Vote to Enlarge Fair Grounds

A. F. Aiken of Windham
George M. Boughner of Windham
W. H. Boughner of Woodhouse
Ralph G. Bowlby of Woodhouse
W. A. Bowyer of Simcoe
N. C. Butler of Windham
J. L. Chadwick of Woodhouse
E. E. Collins of Simcoe
Archie F. Culver of Windham
S. N. Culver of Townsend
John L. Davis of Simcoe
J. S. De Coe of Townsend
H. B. Donly of Simcoe
Jas. Dufton of Woodhouse
Chas. Dunkin of Charlotteville
Dr. Chas. E. Eaid of Simcoe
George Erwin of Townsend
Robert Erwin of Townsend
G. Emerson Everett of Simcoe
W. C. Everett of Simcoe
N. D. Forest of Charlotteville
A. Gilbert of Woodhouse
Nelson Hall of Townsend
J. C. Kayser of Simcoe
Horace Kellum of Simcoe
R. W. McCall of Charlotteville
W. M. McGuire of Simcoe
N. S. Palmerton of Charlotteville
C. Quanbury of Woodhouse
Jas. H. Shaw of Townsend
A. H. Smith of Charlotteville
William Thorne of Walsingham
T. Vail of Woodhouse
George Watson of Simcoe
Glen Whitham of Townsend.

These members attended the annual meeting of the Norfolk Agricultural Society, held in the Town Council hall on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. W. C. Everett of Simcoe, President of the Society, was in the chair.

The following officers were elected:
Geo. M. Boughner, Director
R. G. Bowlby, Director
W. A. Bowyer, Vice President
N. C. Butler, Director
H. A. Carter, Director
S. N. Culver, Director
Charles Dunkin, Director
Joseph E. Dunkin, Director
George Erwin, Director
W. C. Everett, President
J. J. Gilbertson, Director
H. Glover, Director
Horace Kellum, Director
R. W. McCall, Director
W. M. McGuire, Director
C. Quanbury, Director
A. H. Smith, 1st Vice President
M. M. Smith, Auditor
W. Thorne, Director
Glen Whitham, Director

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