Etc. -- 1919 Voters Enumerators
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The following is not a transcription. Rather it is a reorganized near compilation based on two articles: one published on page 1 of the 31 Jul 1919 issue, and the second published a week later 
on page 1 of the 7 Aug 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Norfolk Enumerators

The following Norfolk County men have been named enumerators for the following locales in the upcoming vote. 
RR following locale designation indicates Rural Route. 
[rs] indicates a returned soldier.

North Norfolk Enumerators

Henry J. Barber -- Townsend RR
Harry E. Birdsall -- Delhi
Stanley Boughner -- Simcoe
Dr. A. C. Burt -- Chief Enumerator
E. E. Collins -- Simcoe
Arthur Cross -- Simcoe [rs]
Arch. E. Culver -- Simcoe RR
John Currie -- Waterford RR5
P. W. Emerick -- Tyrrell
William Forse -- Simcoe [rs]
Ward Foster -- Waterford
Herschel Glover -- Townsend RR
John Hare -- Simcoe RR
W. H. Haviland -- Delhi
Edwin Hill -- Vanessa RR
H. Howie -- Vanessa RR
D. B. McCool -- Simcoe [rs]
Ernest McKinnon -- Waterford [rs]
Andrew McKnight -- Simcoe
Ashton W. Munn -- Windham Centre
William M. Seavell -- Simcoe
J. H. Shaw -- Simcoe RR
M. Struthers -- Bealton
C. Wallace -- Villa Nova
Ford Wilson -- Waterford [rs]
E. Winskel -- Norwich RR
C. H. Wood -- Lynnville
South Norfolk Enumerators

John Cope -- South Walsingham
Jas. Craig -- South Walsingham
Robert Craig -- Woodhouse [rs]
Elgin Foster -- Erie View
Bing Hazen -- South Walsingham
Gordon Hill -- Port Rowan [rs]
R. K. Hill -- Carholme [rs]
Clarence Hodson -- Langton
Whitney Jones -- Charlotteville [rs]
A. Kellar -- Houghton [rs]
[Chas.] Louch -- Cultus [rs]
R. MacInnes [sr] --Vittoria [rs]
Major F. Mason -- Forestville [rs]
Stanley McBride -- Woodhouse [rs]
W. McCord -- Houghton Centre
Major Guy R. McDowell -- Chief Enumerator
W. S. McDowell -- North Walsingham [rs]
Roland Mills -- Woodhouse [rs]
Edward Moon -- Port Dover [rs]
S. H. Morris -- Port Dover [rs]
Allen Pickersgill -- Wyecombe [rs]
Wray Pickersgill -- Charlotteville [rs]
R. S. Shearer -- Charlotteville [rs]
Elwood Smith -- Port Ryerse [rs]
Geo. I. Staley -- Charlotteville
W. V. Stevenson -- Fairground
Roy Watt -- North Walsingham [rs]
Ralph Wheeler -- Lynedoch [rs]

Who May Vote

In answer to the many questions as to who are entitled to vote on the coming temperance referendum, the following information has been given out:

1. Every man and every woman who is a British subject by birth or naturalization and who has resided in Canada for 12 months preceding 14 Jul 1919, and will be the full age of 21 years on or before 9 Sep 1919, and has been a resident in the riding three months preceding the later date.

2. Every man and every woman who is a British subject, whether he or she is or is not the full age of 21 years, who has served in the naval or military forces of Great Britain or Canada, or of any of the British Dominions or possessions or in any of the Allies of Great Britain in the present war, provided he or she was a resident of the municipality at the time of enlistment.

Any person qualified to vote and who are leaving town for a vacation may register their names with the enumerators for their particular sub-division.

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