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Evans -- A. E. Evans:  
-- signed 1914 temperance petition
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141126p1] [SR19141203p1]

Evans -- Mrs. A. E. Evans was mother of Mrs. John L. Davis of Toronto 
[SR19161221p1] [SR19170412p12] [SR19170426p16]

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Evans' daughter, Percie, died 1[2] Apr 1916 [SR19170419p9] 
-- Percie Eva, daughter of A. E. and L. Evans, 1889-1916 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Evans had their son, Harvey Evans of the Molsons Bank of Montreal here for the holidays [SR19170412p12] -- Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Evans have their daughter, Mrs. John L. Davis of Toronto, visiting [SR19170719p6] -- A. E. Evans of Tillsonburg and his son Harvey of St. Thomas, visited Simcoe [SR19180516p16]
Evans -- "Mr. and Mrs. Milton Porter announce the engagement of their daughter, Myrtle Hawthorne, to Mr. Harvey G. Evans, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Evans of Tillsonburg." [SR19190807p5] -- see Porter-Evans wedding

Evans -- A. Gordon Evans -- see 1910 Education Candidates

Evans -- Aaron Evans -- see 1895 Townsend Officers

Evans -- Albert E. Evans of Simcoe's mother, Mrs. Wm. Ball of Shoal Lake, Manitoba, died 17 Feb 1910 -- see her obituary

Evans -- Albert Evans donated to Belgium Relief calf [SR19141126p1]

Evans -- Albert E. Evans visited his son Harvey in Toronto last week [SR19150916p7]

Evans -- Albert E. Evans, formerly of Simcoe, died in Hamilton -- see his obituary

Evans -- Albert Edward Evans 1865-1936 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- Ann Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Evans -- Annie Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Evans -- Ansley A. Evans married Miss H. McNeilly, 4 Sep 1901 at her parents' home in Woodhouse [SR19010919]

Evans -- Aquila Evans of Malahide married Jennie Hunt of Middleton 26 Feb 1890 at home of her parents [BC18900305]

Evans -- B. J. Evans, 90, died 6 Jun 1902 in Port Dover [SR19020612]

Evans -- Mrs. Bev. Evans of Waterford, nee Mabel Woods, was a daughter of Alfred Woods and Maude Golden -- see her mother's obituary

Evans -- Carrington Leigh Baldwin, aged 6 hours, son of Rev. . B. Evans, died 15 May 1884 at St. John's Rectory, Woodhouse [BC18840528]

Evans -- Catherine Evans of Walsingham qualified as a teacher in 1869 -- see 1869 Teachers

Evans -- Catherine Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Evans -- to wife of Charles Evans:
-- a daughter, 6 Sep 1917 in South Walsingham
-- a son, Wed 18 Sep 1918 in South Walsingham [SR19181003p7]

Evans -- Charles F. Evans, farmer, Port Rowan; Lot 1 Concession A, South Walsingham 
[1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Charlie Evans -- see 1901 Waterford public school honor roll

Evans -- Charles LeRoy Evans, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Evans, died of tuberculosis 13 Aug 1907 in Waterford [SR19070823] [BC19070821]

Evans -- Charlotte Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869] -- Miss Charlotte Evans of Woodhouse married Co[a]tley Ross of Windham, 28 Oct 1869 at his father's home [NR18691111p3]

Evans  -- Claude Gilbert Evans, 20, eldest son of Frank Evans, died 9 Jun 1906 in Woodhouse [SR19060615] -- Claude Gilbert Evans, son of R. Francis Evans and Jennie Gilbert, born 29 Mar 1896, died 9 Jun 1906, buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]

Evans -- Danford Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Evans -- E. A. Evans, 190 John Street, Simcoe [Billet Hosts SR19160601p4]

Evans -- Edgar Evans was an officer of 1887 Woodhouse Council

Evans -- Edgar Leonard Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Evans -- Edward Evans, 52, died 12 Oct 1887 in Port Dover [BC18871019]
-- the will of Edward Evans of Port Dover was probated in 1887 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Edward Evans, 55 years 3 months, died 13 Oct 1887 | his wife Minerva Edy 1838-1914 
[Port Dover Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: Mrs. Edward Evans married widower Rev. Wm. H. Treadwell]

Evans -- Mrs. Edward Evans of Port Dover married Elder Treadwell of Clear Creek 9 Jul 1890 in Port Dover [BC18900716]

Evans -- Eliza Letitia, 51, widow of Rev. W. B. Evans, Rector of St. John's Church, Woodhouse, died 16 Oct 1892 in Simcoe [NR18921020]

Evans -- Eliza E. Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Evans -- Miss Eliza Emma Evans of Woodhouse, married Abram C. Marlatt of Woodhouse, 27 Aug 1884 in Simcoe [WS18840911] [BC18840903] [Compiler's Comment: in the same place at the same time, Miss Emma Jane Marlatt married Eben Gilbert

Evans -- Elizabeth Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Evans -- Elizabeth, 43, wife of William Evans, died 7 Nov 1882 -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Evans -- Emily Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Evans -- Emily [H]. Evans, 36, born 16 Apr 1862 in Ontario, domestic servant, resided in the household of Rachel Wood [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Evans -- Waterford Council paid Ernest Evans $2.00 for work done [WS18980707p5]

Evans -- Ernest Evans of Waterford married Miss Annie Draper of Toronto, 25 Dec 1900 at the home of her aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bates in Hamilton. Rev. Chas. D. Draper of Walsh officiated. Her sister Lila attended [WS19010117p1]

Evans -- Mrs. Ernest Evans of Waterford has her mother, Mrs. Charles Draper of Chatham, visiting [WS19011031p1]

Evans -- to wife of Ernest Evans:
-- a daughter [31] Oct 1901 in Waterford [SR19011114]
-- a son 16 Apr 1912 in Hamilton [SR19120502p7]

Evans -- Ernest Evans, shipping clerk, Waterford 
Anna Evans, Waterford 
James Evans, gentleman, Waterford 
Margaret Evans, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Miss Ethel, only daughter of John Evans of Woodhouse, married Ezra D. Marsaw, son of Moses Marsaw of Windham, 30 Dec 1904 at her parents' home [SR19040101]

Evans -- Ethel Evans, the wife of John L. Davis of Toronto, died 29 Feb 1918 in Tillsonburg 
-- see her obituary [Compiler's Comment: also see Mary Ethel Evans]

Evans -- Miss Emily Evans, daughter of late Richard Evans of Port Rowan, married Wellington Mattice of Port Rowan, 23 Oct 1901 in Port Rowan [SR19011031]

Evans -- Ethel May Evans of Simcoe married John Lea Davis, 15 Nov 1911 in Simcoe [SR19111116p7]

Evans -- F. E. Evans -- see 1913 Matriculation Results

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Evans of Port Rowan are visiting his brother Henry and family in Michigan [SR19190731p9]

Evans -- F. W. B. Evans of Simcoe arrived home from overseas in the past week [SR19190717p10]
[Compiler's Comment: compare with Attestation Paper 502741 for Fred Wm. Beatty Evans]

Evans -- the lady of Rev. Francis had a son 6 inst. [NO18410911p3]

Evans -- Rev. Francis Evans' son, the Very Rev. Thomas Frye Lewis Evans, 75, died 4 Oct 1920 in Montreal -- see his obituary

Evans -- Fern Evans -- see 1920 Port Dover promotions

Evans -- Frances Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Evans -- Francis Evans was an officer of 1887 Woodhouse Council

Evans -- Francis R. Evans married Sarah Jane, second daughter of Edmond Gilbert, 6 May 1885 at her father's home in Woodhouse [NR18850514]

Evans -- Francis Evans of Woodhouse served on 1899 Grand Jury

Evans -- Frank Evans has a daughter [Port Ryerse BC18890116]

Evans -- to wife of Frank Evans a son 3 Nov 1896 in Port Rowan [SR1896112]

Evans -- Francis Evans, 34, born 17 Jun 1866 in Ontario
his wife Flora, 32, born 18 Jan 1869 in Ontario
his single son Charles, 4, born 3 Nov 1896 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Evans -- Frank Evans, laborer, Main Street, Port Rowan 
Flora Evans, Main Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Francis R. Evans 1886-1939 | his wife Flora Pitman 1869-1928 
[Newkirk Cemetery stones]

Evans -- Frank Evans::
-- 0f Port Dover -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory
-- in 1914-1915 donated to Woodhouse Methodists' Organ
-- RR3 Simcoe -- see Enumerating Women

Evans -- Mrs. Frank Evans donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141210p7]

Evans -- Frank Evans, farmer, RR3 Simcoe 
Harry Evans, farmer, Lot 4 Broken Front, Woodhouse 
Jennie Evans, RR3 Simcoe 
Mary Evans, Lot 4 Broken Front, Woodhouse 
Mary Evans, RR3 Simcoe 
Hattie Evans, single, Lot 4 Broken Front, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Geo. A. Evans of Toronto -- see 1899 Holiday Visitors

Evans -- George Albert Evans of Toronto married Clara Fidelia, fourth daughter of George W. Howell, 20 Jun 1900 at "Fairview" in Waterford [SR19000628] -- see their wedding review

Evans -- to wife of Geo. A. Evans, chemist, a son, 28 Feb 1905 at 83a Young Street [Simcoe] [SR19050310]

Evans -- to Clara Howell, the wife of G. A. Evans, a daughter, 30 Apr 1901 in Toronto [WS19010509p1]

Evans -- George M. Evans, 64, who moved to Toronto in 1856, former Upper Canada classical master, lawyer, ex-Toronto Alderman, died 23 May 1891 at home of his brother Frank Evans in Orillia. George was eldest son of late Rev. Francis Evans, Rector of Woodhouse and one time Principal of Simcoe Grammar School [page 1 obituary BC18910603
[Compiler's Comment: obituary has more biography]

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Evans of Tyrrell have their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Erwin of St. Mary's, visiting [SR19170816p6]

Evans -- Cpl. George Evans is home from Toronto with his family [SR19190213p7]

Evans -- Georgina Evans wed David Halliday -- see their daughter's 56th

Evans -- H. Basil Evans wed [BC19061010]

Evans -- H. L. Evans of Woodhouse, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Evans -- H. I Evans of Port Ryerse will marry Mary, daughter of Mrs. C. Munro of 123 Grove Street Simcoe, 1 Dec 1917 [SR19171129p12]

Evans -- Harriet Evans -- see 1910 Simcoe High honor roll 

Evans -- Harriet H. Evans, stenographer, Queen street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Harry Evans married Miss Mary Munro, 1 Dec 1917 at Chesley [SR19171206p7]

Evans -- Harry Evans, clerk, 39 Robinson Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Harry Evans -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Evans -- Harvey Evans was promoted from Form 3A to Form 3B at Simcoe High [SR19100701p1]

Evans -- Harvey Evans of Molson's bank staff, Toronto was here for Easter [SR19150408p5] 
-- Harvey Evans of the Molsons Bank, Toronto, was son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Evans 

Evans -- Harvey Evans of Ottawa is in Simcoe this week, having been summoned to Tillsonburg by the serious illness of his sister, Mrs. J. L. Davis [SR19180228p12]

Evans -- Harvey Evans is now with the Molsons Bank in St. Thomas [SR19180328p7]

Evans -- Harvey George Evans married Myrtle Hawthorne Porter, 4 Sep 1919 in Simcoe [SR19190911p7]
-- see Porter-Evans wedding

Evans -- Harvey G. Evans:
-- see Lotus Club Re-Organizes
-- see Photos & Bios
-- see photo, 1935 president of Simcoe Kinsmen
-- see his father's obituary

Evans -- Harvey Evans was honorary pallbearer -- see Stanley Cross' funeral

Evans -- Harvey George Evans, born 25 Dec 1894, died 7 Oct 1959 
his wife Myrtle M. Porter 1894-1980 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- Ilean, daughter of Frank Evans of Woodhouse, married Nathaniel Walker, son of Wm. Walker of Woodhouse, 20 Oct 1919 in Simcoe -- see Double Wedding

Evans -- Irene Evans -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Evans -- Mrs. I. Evans, 57, died 22 Aug 1920 in Hamilton General Hospital [SR19200902p7]

Evans -- to wife of J. Ansley Evans a son 8 Jun 1904 in Nanticoke [SR19040617]

Evans -- Mrs. J. E. Evans, 92, died 28 Oct 1911 at home of her son-in-law Hamilton Smith of Townsend Centre. Funeral 30 Oct 1911 to Greenwood Cemetery [obituary SR19111102p2]

Evans -- James Evans and W. Lake, Lot 43, Concession 1n, Middleton  [1857 Sketch]

Evans -- James Evans -- see Early Waterford [pdf]

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. James Evans celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on his 75th birthday, 16 Sep 1915 at the home of their son Maurice Evans, Waterford. Other children present with their families, Mrs. C. Tufts of Welland, Mrs. W. Stickles of Hamilton, Mrs. Wm. Barber of Waterford [Golden Wedding WS19150923p1] [Compiler's Comment: article has more genealogy]

Evans -- James C. Evans died 7 Sep 1906 [In Memoriam, SR19090902p7]

Evans -- James G. Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Evans -- Mrs. John Evans of Sandusk is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Clayton Marlatt 

Evans -- John Evans, photographer, RR1 Walsingham 
Leah Evans, Lot 8, Concession 5, South Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- John Evans, gentleman, St. Williams; boathouse, South Walsingham
[1919 Voters' List]

Evans -- John E. Evans 1877-1958 | his wife Leah Osterhout 1878-1955
Katharine L. Past 1876-1926 | her husband Ira D. Osterhout 1866-1938 
[Mount Pleasant Cemetery stones]

Evans -- John Evans, farmer, RR1 Port Dover 
Mary A. Evans, Lot 12, Concession 2, Woodhouse 
William H. Evans, farmer, RR1 Port Dover 
Sadie Evans, Lot 12, Concession 2, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- John Evans -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Evans -- John Hamilton Evans born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Evans -- John Hamilton Evans, 25, of Chicago, a native of Norfolk, son of Edgar and Mary Evans of Chicago, died 21 Aug 1907 at the home of his uncle, H. S. Howey of Mt. Pleasant. Buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery 23 Aug 1907. Wife, parents and a brother survive [obituary SR19070830
[see John H[oward] Evans death notice, obituary BC19070904]

Evans -- Miss Kate Evans, daughter of James Evans of Waterford, married Chester Tuff [sic] of Welland, 27 Jun 1894 in Waterford [NR18940705]

Evans -- Kate Evans and her husband Chester Tufts' infant son: Donald James, died 7 May 1910 in Welland [WS19100512p1]

Evans -- Lena Evans -- see 1910 Waterford pupils

Evans -- Lizzie Evans wed Scott Walker [Ontario Vital Stats 1879] -- Lizzie, daughter of Thomas Evans of Simcoe, married Walter Scott Christmas Day 1879 in Simcoe [NR18800102p3]

Evans -- Mabel Elizabeth Evans, daughter of late Francis Evans and brother of F. G. Evans, married Frank Stanton Kent of Belleville, son of F. H. Kent of Lynn Valley, 11 Dec 1912 in Orillia 
[Wedding Bells, SR19121212p1]

Evans -- Margaret Mary, daughter of James Evans, married Will Barber of Villa Nova married 4 Feb 1908 at her parents home in Waterford [SR19080213]

Evans -- Margaret Mary Evans, wife of William Barber, was buried 29 Nov 1918 
-- see her obituary

Evans -- Anglican spinster Marion F. Evans of Simcoe, daughter of Rev. W. B. and Lizzie Evans married bachelor Anglican farmer Francis Henry Kent, son of George W. and Frances E. Kent, 9 Dec 1885 at St. John's Woodhouse [St. John's Registers] -- Marion, eldest daughter of late Rev. W. B. Evans, married Francis H. Kent of Woodhouse 9 Dec 1885 in Woodhouse [NR18851217]

Evans -- Maria Augusta (Mary) Evans, third daughter of the late Rev. Francis Evans, D.C.L., first rector of Woodhouse, died Sat 13 Jan 1916 in Toronto [SR19160120p4]

Evans -- Mrs. Mary Evans, relict of Lieut. James Evans, mother of 12, born 1801, died 8 Apr 1888 in Caro, Michigan [obituary, BC18880502p1] -- see complete obituary

Evans -- Mary Ethel Evans, wife of John L. Davis, 1888-1918 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- Miss Maud Drayton Evans, third daughter of late Rev. W. B. Evans, married Frank Lewis Bowlby of Woodhouse 2 Dec 1903 in Toronto [SR19031211]

Evans -- Miss May A. Evans of Waterford married W. H. Stickles, 24 Dec 1900 in Waterford [SR19010103]

Evans -- Morris Evans -- see 1891 Waterford Lacrosse Team

Evans -- to the wife of Morris Evans:
-- a son 25 Dec 1894 in Waterford [NR18950103]
-- a daughter 16 Dec 1901 in Waterford [SR19011216]

Evans -- Mrs. Morris Evans of Waterford was sister of Mrs. Harry W. Langs of St. Thomas and daughter of I. B. Lefler of Waterford [WS18990105p1]

Evans -- Morris Evans  -- see 1903 Star News

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. Morris Evans of Waterford have their son, Mr. and Mrs. Will Evans of London, visiting [SR19180530p2]

Evans -- Morris Evans, gardener, Church, Waterford 
ennie A. Evans, Church, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- Mr. and Mrs. Morris Evans and daughter Lena attended -- see Misener anniversary

Evans -- Naomi Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880] -- Miss Naomi, daughter of Henry Evans of Walsingham, married John Chamberlin of Walsingham, 18 Mar 1880 in Walsingham [BC18800324p3]

Evans -- Miss Percy [sic] Evans has been visiting friends in St. Williams [SR19100811p1]

Evans -- Percie Evans, 23, daughter of Albert E. Evans of John street, Simcoe, sister of Mrs. John L. Davis of Toronto and Harvey Evans of Toronto, died yesterday, 19 Apr 1916, in Toronto following measles, pneumonia, and two operations. Before coming to Simcoe, she lived at Nanticoke in Haldimand County. Funeral will be Friday [SR19160420p1] -- Percie Eva Evans 1889-1916 daughter of A. E. and L. Evans [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- to the wife of R. Evans a son 20 Oct 1895 in Simcoe [SR18951031]

Evans -- R. F. Evans, 41, born 1 May 1859 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Sarah J., 44, born 16 Jan 1857 in Ontario
his single son Claude G., 15, born 29 Mar 1886 in Ontario
his single daughter Lola F., 12, born 12 Jan 1889 in Ontario
his single son Harry L., 7, born 4 May 1883 in Ontario
his single daughter Ailsesa H., 3, born 16 Apr 1897 in Ontario [1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Evans -- Rachel Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Evans -- the will of Richard Evans of South Walsingham was probated in 1898 [Norfolk Wills]

Evans -- Robert Evans -- see 1937 Deaths

Evans -- Sarah Evans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Evans -- Thomas Evans, 72, died 24 Mar 1881 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: next stone: William Evans]

Evans -- Thos. Evans of Simcoe married Eliza G. Shaw of Simcoe, 24 Dec 1900, in Simcoe [SR19010103]

Evans -- to the wife of Thomas Evans:
-- a son 25 Sep 1901 in Simcoe [SR19011010] [WS19011010p1]
-- a son 14 Jan 1908 in Simcoe [SR19080116]

Evans -- Thomas Evans was a 1916 Woodhouse officer [SR19160330p5]

Evans -- Thomas Evans, farmer, RR1 Simcoe 
Mrs. Thomas Evans, Lot 22, Concession 9, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- the Very Rev. Thomas Frye Lewis Evans, 75, a native of Woodhouse, died 4 Oct 1920 in Montreal -- see his obituary

Evans -- Violet Evans -- see 1920 Port Dover promotions

Evans -- W. Evans, merchant, Port Dover 
E. Evans, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Evans -- William Evans' wife Margaret, 53, died 7 Nov 1882 [Mills Cemetery stone]

Evans -- William Evans wed Jane Wicks [Ontario Vital Stats 1877] -- farmer Wm. Evans of Bayham married Mrs. Jane Wicks of Middleton, 13 Aug 1877 in Port Rowan [BC18770829p3] -- at home of Wm. Evans in Middleton, Miss Mary E. Weeks of Middleton married John W. Wilson of Bangor, Dakota 30 Jan 1889 [BC18890206]

Evans -- William Evans, born 27 Dec 1833, died 19 Aug 1886
[Oakwood Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: next stone: Thomas Evans]

Evans -- William Evans, 71, born 29 Oct 1829 in England, immigrated 1872, farmer
his wife Jane, 74, born 22 Sep 1826 in Ontario 
his widowed daughter Beatrice Day, 29, born 11 Jun 1871 in England, immigrated 1872
his single granddaughter Verna B., 2, born 21 Apr 1898 in U.S., immigrated 1899
his single servant William Hale, 14, born 5 Nov 1886 in England [
1901 Census of Middleton:1]

Evans -- Willie Evand was a 1901 Waterford Public School student

Evans -- Willie Evans -- see 1908 Waterford students 

Evans -- Wm. Evans, 80 years 8 months, died 8 May 1910 at Guysboro [BC19100518]

Evans -- William Acey Evans, 797556, Sergeant [1916 Norfolk's Own] -- William Acey Evans, 22, of Waterford, Methodist carpenter, born 26 Feb 1893 in Norfolk, son of Morris Evans of Waterford
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.
-- see Waterford & Townsend Cenotaph
-- see Waterford's Roll of Honor

Evans -- Will Evans, who went overseas with the 133rd Battalion, was invalided home and arrived in town Saturday [Waterford SR19170412p7]

Evans -- Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Will Evan, nee Vina Easton [Bealton SR19170503p11]

Evans -- William Evans' wife Vina Easton 1897-1944 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Evans -- Rev. Wm. B. Evans, 52, died 5 Dec 1884 at St. John's Rectory, Woodhouse [NR18841211
-- Rev. William B. Evans, B.A., R.D., 5[8], died 5 Dec 1884 at St. John's Rectory, Woodhouse [
BC18841210] -- He was the third son of Rev. Francis Evans, former Rector of St. John's Woodhouse. Rev. Canon Hincks of Galt and Rev. Geo. Keyes of Chattsworth were his brothers-in-law. Leaves a widow and six children [obituary in NR18841225
-- the will of Rev. William Berthume Evans of Woodhouse was probated in 1885 [Norfolk Wills]

Evans -- Wm. [F]. Evans, 17, single, born 21 Jul 1873 in England, immigrated 1896, laborer, lodged in the house of James Dyer [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Evans -- William Harvey Evans born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Evans -- William Minty Evans, 41, son of late Rev. Wm. R. Evans, Rector, St. John's Church Woodhouse, died 31 Jul 1906 in Camden. Ark. [SR19060810] [BC19060815]

Evans-Killmaster -- lumbering firm -- see John Murphy's obituary

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