Etc. -- 1937 Norfolk deaths
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The following is not a transcription. Based on an Year in Review article on page 15 in the 30 Dec 1937 Simcoe Reformer, it lists well-known residents, plus those in their seventh, eighth or ninth decades, plus a few others who died in 1937, resequenced into a single alphabetically sorted list. It is not a complete list of those who died in 1937.

The list includes two Reeves, a former slave, and a few who died tragically. Ages or approximations follow some names in brackets, reflecting the content of the source document.

Abbott, Clarence (70s)
Alexander, Charles H. (70s)
Alway, Robt. (70s)
Armstrong, M. Mrs. (70s)
Arn, Margaret Mrs. (70s)
Atkinson, C. F. W.
Austin, J. C. 
Balcomb, Frank Mrs.
Bamforth, John Mrs. (80s)
Bannister, R. Mrs. (80s)
Bartlett, Isaac (70s)
Bartlett, Wm. (70s)
Beam, Ida, Miss (70s)
Becker, Frank Mrs. (70s)
Bell, Frank Mrs. (80s)
Bell, M. Miss (80s)
Blakely, Jas. (70s)
Bousfield, Henry (70s)
Boughner, G. O.
Bowlby, Annie Miss (70s)
Brandow, Chas. (70s)
Brandow, Hiram (80s)
Brearley, Fred (70s)
Broadley, Jennie Mrs. (80s)
Brock, George E. (80s)
Brock, Wallace (80s)
Brown, Jas. Mrs. (70s)
Brown, W. A. Mrs. (70s)
Buchner, E. A. (70s)
Buck, Henrietta Mrs. (100)
Buck, J. H. Mrs. 
Buck, Jos. W. (70s)
Buckwell, A. Miss (80s)
Bullock, T. H.
Butcher, Thomas (80s)
Byrick, E. Mrs. (80s)
Carpenter, Collin (80s)
Chadwick, J. L. (80s)
Challen, Newton
Chipps, Peter (70s)
Church, Joseph W.
Clemens, S., Mrs. (80s)
Cline, J. B.
Clutton, S. S.
Cook, Henry W. (91)
Cooper, Albert (70s)
Cooper, S. Mrs. (80s)
Crane, Ronald (1)
Crooker, James (80s)
Davis, John L. Mrs. (80s)
Davis, R. J. (70s)
Dewdney, A. H. (70s)
Doan, A. (70s)
Downs, Amelia Mrs. (80s)
Eatwell, George Mrs. (70s)
Elliott, Harry (70s)
England, H. C. Miss (70s)
Evans, Robt. (70s)
Feargue, Thomas (80s)
Ferris, John (70s)
Fick, Chris (70s)
Fish, Eugene (80s)
Fisher, Clarence (70s)
Flanders, L. Mrs. (70s)
Foley, Luke Mrs. (70s)
Foster, R. N. Mrs. (80s)
Francis, Helen Miss (70s)
Gallagher, Patrick
Gay, Charles
Gibson, L. C.
Gilbertson, Joseph J.
Giles, Lloyd Mrs.
Goodlet, Wyatt
Grandason, Mahala Mrs. (90s)
Grant, Billy (4)
Gray, J. G. (80s)
Green, Robert Mrs. (80s)
Gunning, Charles S.
Hall, Agnes Mrs. (70s)
Hall, Ira, Mrs. (70s)
Harper, John
Harrington, J. R. (70s)
Hathway, E. Mrs. (70s)
Hazlett, J. A. (70s)
Herod, Jas. (70s)
Herron, Richard (80s)
Hewitt, Jas. (80s)
Hill, Richard, Mrs. (70s)
Hoskins, P. Mrs. (70s)
Howe, Jos. (80s)
Howey, L. Mrs. (90s)
Hyndman, Shirley (3)
Innes, Charles E.
Jackson, Gertrude Mrs. (80s)
Jackson, J. V. Mrs. (70s)
Jackson, William Mrs. (104)
Johnson, Ann Miss (80s)
Joubert, Jean Mrs. (70s)
Kellam, Horace Mrs.
Kitchen, Roy, Mrs.
Kniffen, George (80s)
Langohr, Leonard
Langtry, Sarah, Miss (80s)
Law, Isabella Mrs. (70s)
Lawson, Isaac D.
Lawson, Peter
Lea, Fred E. (70s)
Leask, Abram [Jr.]
Lemon, Chas. (70s)
Lemon, Chas. Mrs. (70s)
Lemon, Halsey (70s)
Lemon, Halsey Mrs. (70s)
Lucas, Freeman
MacLennan, Geo. Rev.
Mahoney, Jos. (80s)
Marston, Guy Mrs.
Martin, Albert Mrs. (70s)
Mattice, Ambrose Mrs. (70s)
McCall, Walter C. Mrs. (70s)
McFarlane, Hannah Mrs. (90s)
McGinnis, Hugh Mrs. (70s)
McInally, Catherine Mrs. (80s)
McKim, Robert
Messecar, Elias (70s)
Millard, J. D. (80s)
Misner, A. N. Mrs. (80s)
Moore, Alex. (70s)
Mudford, Robt. (70s)
Nichol, Peter Mrs. (80s)
Nix, Isaac (90s)
Nixon, Thos. (70s)
Nunn, Edward Mrs. (70s)
Osborne, H. W. (80s)
Ostrander, John (70s)
Peach, James (70s)
Peterson, Lorne Mrs. of Jarvis
Pow, H., Miss (70s)
Price, D. (80s)
Price, Stephen (80s)
Procunier, Clinton (70s)
Reardon, M. Mrs. (80s)
Reed, Mary Mrs. (70s)
Roberts, Enoch
Robertson, Oliver, Mrs.
Robinson, Samuel (80s)
Rodgers, Lois Mrs. (80s)
Rollings, Walter (70s)
Ross, John Mrs. (80s)
Ross, Robt. (70s)
Russell, Eliza Mrs. (70s)
Savage, Solomon Mrs. (80s)
Schooley, John (70s)
Schram, Edward Mrs. (70s)
Shannon, Agnes Miss (70s)
Sharp, Joseph (80s)
Sherman, Margaret Mrs. (70s)
Slocombe, Geo. (70s)
Smith, Gary, Mrs. (70s)
Smith, John E. (70s)
Smith, Julia Mrs. (70s)
Smith, W. R. (80s)
Smythe, George
Snider, Douglas
Sprague, Wm. Mrs. (70s)
Steacy, W. L.
Steele, Daniel
Stenabaugh, J. R. (80s)
Straith, J. A. (80s)
Streeter, Drastus Mrs. (70s)
Strohm, John G. (70s)
Stuart, Irena Mrs. (80s)
Sutherland, David (70s)
Swain, Chas. Mrs. (70s)
Swinn, Albert
Tate, Maria Mrs. (80s)
Teeple, Chas. Mrs. (70s)
Tennant, John
Thompson, Wm. Mrs. (70s)
Tisdale, D. Robb
Travis, Henry Mrs. (70s)
Trinder, E. L.
Underhill, A. Mrs. (80s)
Van Every, Hiram (70s)
Van Every, Hiram Mrs. (70s)
Waddle, David (70s)
Waddle, James R.
Waldick, Hiram (80s)
Waldick, Jas. (80s)
Walker, Nelson
Walker, Wm. (80s)
Walther, John (80s)
Weir, James (80s)
White, Isaac Mrs. (70s)
Whitesell, H. Mrs. (80s)
Wilbur, Gordon Mrs.
Williams, F. J. Mrs. (70s)
Williams, Geo. Mrs. (70s)
Wimmer, Frank (80s)
Wittet, Annie Mrs. (70s)
Woodley, W. W. Mrs. (80s)
Woodward, Warren Capt.
Wyckoff, Elmer Mrs. (70s)
Zimmer, Fredk. (70s)

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