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The following is based on an article published on page 8 of the 8 Nov 1917 Simcoe Reformer

Enumerators Appointed

Under the provisions of the War Elections Act officials known as enumerators have to be name, one for each polling sub-division. Sheriff Snider who has been named returning officer, on Monday appointed the following gentlemen to act in Norfolk County.
 Enumerator Polling Sub-division
 C. A. Duncan Charlotteville 1, Vittoria
 W. C. Mitchell Charlotteville 2, RR2 Simcoe
 J. A. Hoover Charlotteville 3, Forestville
 Bruce Charlton Charlotteville 4, RR1 Simcoe
 Allen R. Reid Charlotteville 5, Lynedoch
 Geo. H. Jones Charlotteville 6, RR2 Simcoe
 C. W. Lewis Charlotteville 7, RR2 Simcoe
 Clarence Gerhard Delhi 1
 Richard Scruton Houghton 1, Kinglake
 M. S. Williams Houghton 2, Fairground
 Fred L. Ravin Houghton 3, Cultus
 R. W. Dick Middleton 1, RR1 Tillsonburg
 Aquilla Sandham Middleton 2, RR1 Tillsonburg
 Will M. Burnett Middleton 3, Courtland
 Geo. Youse Middleton 4, RR3 Delhi
 John Dick Middleton 5, RR1 Delhi
 James H. Brayley N. Walsingham 1, RR2 Langton
 J. C. Atkinson N. Walsingham 2, RR1 Courtland
 C. R. Hodson N. Walsingham 3, Langton
 Wm. McIntosh N. Walsingham 4, Carholme
 James Hunter N. Walsingham 5, Wyecombe
 Newton Silverthorne Port Dover 1
 Robert M. Taylor Port Dover 2
 Alvin C. Fry Port Rowan 1
 L. Reardon Simcoe 1
 Charles G. Cross Simcoe 2
 T. E. Langford Simcoe 3
 Geo. McLaughlin Simcoe 4
 Charles Ryan Simcoe 5
 George F. Durkee S. Walsingham 1, RR2 Port Rowan
 Bing Hazen S. Walsingham 2, RR1 Port Rowan
 Eugene Hazen S. Walsingham 3, Walsingham Centre
 Ed. Starling S. Walsingham 4, St. Williams
 Herschel Glover Townsend 1, Waterford
 James Dunlop Townsend 2, Boston
 Frank Cross Townsend 3, Bealton
 W. M. Woodley Townsend 4, Villa Nova
 Lindsay Irvine Townsend 5, Rockford
 P. W. Emerick Townsend 6, Tyrrell
 Frank Ryerson Townsend 7, RR4 Simcoe 
 Roy Beemer Townsend 8, RR4 Waterford
 Elmer Woodley Townsend 9, Waterford
 Jas. Ross Waterford 1
 I. F. McKinnon Waterford 2
 John Macklem Windham 1, Vanessa
 Russell Winskell Windham 2, RR4 Norwich
 Ansley Slaght Windham 3, RR2 LaSalette
 Bert Gray Windham 4, Windham Centre
 Jos. C. Boll Windham 5, Delhi
 Russell Griffin Windham 6, RR1 Simcoe
 Frank Evans Woodhouse 1, RR3 Simcoe
 F. Bowlby Woodhouse 2, RR2 Simcoe
 D. Burtch Woodhouse 3, RR5 Simcoe
 Geo. Hammond Woodhouse 4, Port Dover
Acting upon the suggestion emanating from Sir Robert Borden at Ottawa, Sheriff Snider, in selecting enumerators, has chosen them equally from Liberals and Conservatives. Their duty will be to prepare a list of the women voters of each polling sub-division who have become qualified for the ballot by the War Elections Act. The women affected are described in the following clause of the Act:

" 33 A (1) -- Every female person shall be capable of voting and qualified to vote at a Dominion election in any province or in the Yukon Territory, who, being a British subject and qualified as to age, race and residence, as required in the case of a male person in such province or in the Yukon Territory, as the case may be, is the wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter of any person male or female, living or dead, who is serving or has served without Canada in any of the military forces, or within or without Canada in any of the naval forces, of Canada or of Great Britain in the present war; Provided that this section shall not apply to the wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter of a person no longer serving as aforesaid, unless such person has died in or has been honourably discharged from such service, or, in the case of an officer, has died in or has been permiitted to resign from such service or has been dispensed by competent authority from further service, or in any case, has died after honourable discharge, resignation by permission, or dispensation from further service as aforesaid."

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