Etc. -- 1908 Waterford Public School Students
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The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of 1908 Waterford public school students' names. 
The source document for this list is a students' progress report on 
page 5 of the 23 Apr 1908 issue of the Waterford Star. 

Waterford Public School

Alway, Beatrice Form IV

Beemer, Carrie Form II
Beemer, Freeda Form I
Beemer, Helen Form II
Beemer, LaRene Form III
Burns, Bruce Form III
Burns, Earl Form IV

Caldwell, Fred Form IV
Caldwell, Phyllis Form II
Caley, Alice Form III
Caley, Tom Form IV
Chambers, Maud Form IV
Church, Lizzie Form III
Church, Mildred Form II
Cole, Walter Form I
Cunningham, Mabel Form I

Dean, Harold Form II
Dean, May Form III
Deline, Walter Form IV
Devlin, Jennie Form IV
Doughty, Bessie Form III
Doughty, Cameron Form IV
Duesling, Arthur Form I
Duesling, Charles Form I
Duesling, Lewis Form I
Duesling, Mabel Form I
Duguid, Helen Form IV
Duncombe, Helen Form II
Duncombe, Keith Form II

Elliott, Frank Form III
Evans, Willie Form IV

Flock, Nellie Form IV
Flock, Nola Form II

Gable, George Form II
Gibson, Angie Form III
Glover, Lelah Form IV
Goold, Mildred Form II
Granger, Lillian Form III
Green, Loder Form II
Green, Louise Form II
Green, Marie Form IV

Haney, Grace Form IV
Howey, Eddie Form III
Hume, Alex. Form I
Hume, Essie Form II

Irwin, Kemp Form III
Irwin, Norma Form IV

James, Albert Form II
James, Victor Form I

Kalar, Clara Form IV
Kalar, Harold Form III
Kenney, Agnes Form II
Kitchen, Harold Form I
Kitchen, Hazel Form II
Kitchen, Mildred Form I

Lacell, Harold Form III
Lacell, Lillian Form III
Linquist, Charlie Form IV
Linquist, Lillian Form III

Mace, Kitty Form I
Maddeford, Alphonso Form II
Maddeford, Charlie Form III
Maddeford, Gordon Form I
Mason, Cora Form II
Matchett, Harold Form I
Matchett, Vernon Form III
Matthews, Harry Form I
Matthews, Mildred Form II
McCarey, Gordon Form II
McCarey, Lela Form I
McCarey, Pearl Form II
McKinnon, Arthur Form IV
McKinnon, Ernest Form IV
Messecar, Dell Form IV
Miles, Louis Form III
Miles, Nellie Form IV
Mitchell, Freda Form III

North, Douglas Form II
North, Edna Form IV

Pearce, Bruce Form II
Pearce, Marion Form II
Persall, Frank Form I
Persall, Grace Form II
Pretty, Emma Form III
Pretty, Hattie Form II
Pursley, Morley Form I

Rex, Hazel Form I
Rex, Maud Form II
Robbins, Cecil Form II
Robbins, Ethel Form IV
Robbins, Leeta Form II
Robbins, Lloyd Form III
Robbins, Lorne Form III
Robins, Earl Form I
Robins, Minnie Form IV
Robins, Ruby Form I

Sanderson, Aline Form II
Sanderson, Grace Form I
Secord, Zekie Form IV
Seldon, Bernice Form I
Sharp, Ida Form III
Sheppard, Stanley Form I
Silverthorne, Jessie Form I
Slack, Clarence Form I
Slack, Earl Form II
Smith, Malcolm Form I
Smith, Richard Form I
Smith, Stafford Form IV
Squire, Harold Form II
Stickles, Ira Form III
Sutton, Lloyd Form II

Tench, Clarence Form III
Trotter, Virgil Form IV
Truesdale, Gordon Form II
Truesdale, Howard Form III
Truesdale, Laura Form I

Upthegrove, Charlie Form IV

VanSickle, Harvey Form I

Walker, Grace Form IV
Watkins, Alice Form IV
Watkins, Bertie Form II
Watkins, Ferne Form III
Watkins, Willis Form IV
Watts, Claud Form III
Watts, Leta Form III
Woodley, Ada Form IV

Yocum, Arthur Form II

[Compiler's Comment: compare the student count in 1901 with the above.]
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