Etc. -- 1901 Waterford Public School students
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An edited compiled transcription of a list provided in a page 5 report in the 6 Jun 1901 issue 
of the Waterford Star newspaper.

School Report

Waterford Public School Student
Report for May 1901
Principal: G. M. James

A. Beemer
M. Caley
T. Caley
E. Conlon
Clara Culver
M. Cunningham
S. Cunningham
Vernon Duncombe
Willie Evans
V. Fisher
G. Haney
E. Henry
A. Holston
E. Holston
Esther Howard
Morley Howey
P. Howey
Harold Kalar
Ada Kew
R. Kitchen

Charlie Lundy
M. Lundy
C. Marlatt
J. Martin
B. McCarey
H. McDonald
A. Messecar
F. Pratten
A. Robins
U. Rush
Lawrence Secord
Zekie Secord
G. Serles
Lornie Shaw 
Roy Silverthorne
L. Snider
W. Tobin
F. Wilson
H. Wilson

[Compiler's Comment: compare the student count in 1908 with the above.]
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