Etc. -- 1910 Simcoe High Honor Roll for September
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 12 article in the 20 Oct 1910 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Simcoe High School
Honor Roll for September

Jessie Abel -- Form I
Olive Abel -- Form I
Winnifred Barber -- Form II
Clinton Bowyer -- Form II
Lloyd Boyd -- Form IV
Jean Brock -- Form I
George Challand -- Form II
Ross Collver -- Form I
Vera Craig -- Form I
Clara Donovan -- Form II
Helen Duncan -- Form II
Harold Edmonds -- Form II
Beulah Edmonson -- Form I
Maud Edmonson -- Form I
Harriet Evans -- Form I
George Everett -- Form II
Hilton Forsythe -- Form I
May Gardiner -- Form II
Hazel Gilbert -- Form I
John Gunton -- Form IV 
Marjorie Harris -- Form I
Marjorie Hoffman -- Form I
Lawrence Kelly -- Form II
William Kelly -- Form I
Helen Kendrick -- Form I
Dorothy Kerr -- Form IV
Mabel Linn -- Form I
Kenneth McCall -- Form I
Olive McKnight -- Form IV
Lena Mitchell -- Form IV
Ed. Peachy [sic] -- Form II
Irene Peteram -- Form II
W. Pickersgill -- Form III
Lela Pullen -- Form II
Helen Perry -- Form I
Ernest Quanbury -- Form II
Myrtle Ryerse -- Form IV
Stanley Skirrow -- Form I
Douglas Stalker -- Form I
Margaret Stalker -- Form III 
Jack West -- Form II
Ralph Wheeler -- Form I
Charles Wilcox -- Form II
Marjorie Williamson -- Form I
Greta Woodward -- Form I
Frank Woolley -- Form I 

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