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Fairground -- hamlet in southeast Houghton Township on Norfolk County Road 28 at intersection of Fairground Road. Was location of agricultural shows, hence its name.  
The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Fairground post office had partial year revenue of $165.18 and salaries of $149.84. Site of Houghton Township Hall, an elementary school, and the Houghton Township War Memorial
[on Norfolk County Communities Map]

Falkirk – see Lynedoch

Fisher's Creek -- rises in Lot 16, Concession 2, Charlotteville Township. Flows
southeast to Fisher's Glen.

Fisher’s Glen -- hamlet on Long Point Bay of Lake Erie in Charlotteville Township on Lot 19, Concession A. On Front Road at East Quarter Line Road. Known as Newport in early 1800s. Crown grantee David Secord built small mill there, sold to William Culver in 1804. It passed to Rev. Titus Finch whose son Thomas operated it. Donald Fisher and partner Thomas Cross purchased the 5 acre site about 1825 and severed lots for the hamlet named for him. Although there is no record of a church, school or post office at Fisher's Glen, its namesake worked for years to develop this community as a summer retreat, particularly for Sunday School classes. Other early names for this place were Cross & Fisher and Fisher’s Landing. 
-- also see a scan of a turn of the century post card showing a Fisher's Glen scene. [GPS:43.265/17.653]

Fisher’s Landing –- see Fisher’s Glen

Five Bridges –- see Townsend Centre

Forestville -- hamlet in Charlotteville on Lots 6 and 7, Concession 1. South of Highway 24. On Charlotteville West Quarter Line at the intersection Charlotteville Road 1. Named by Farnham family for their former home in New York state. Name became official in 1851 when post office opened. The 8 Mar 1882 British Canadian reported the Forestville post office had revenue of $136.35 and salaries of $38. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Forestville Post Office had revenue of $216.85 and salaries of $1[4]6. The Forestville Post Office was closed 30 Nov 1916. Previously known as Kerne Settlement. Site of S.S. No. 2 Charlotteville elementary school (built in 1895) on the southeast corner of West ¼ Line and Charlotteville Concession 1. Today (2002) just an intersection and a few homes. Former elementary school and church are now private homes. [GPS:41.622/23.055]

Forse Road -- road in northwest Middleton Township. Runs from Highway 3 west to Bayham Township in Elgin County.

Fort Norfolk -- fort, built on bluffs in front of District Capital, Charlotteville, in 1813. Fell into ruin, nothing remains. A cairn and plaque to the fort is immediately south of Front Road at "Old Turkey Point Road" along lane leading to Turkey Point Golf Club [GPS:41.933/19.517]

Fredericksburg –- see Delhi

Frogmore -- hamlet in central Houghton Township at intersection of County County Roads 28 and 45. Named for Frogmore near Windsor, England, burial place of Queen Victoria. The 14 Mar 1888 British Canadian newspaper reported the Frogmore post office had revenue of $46.74 and salaries of $10 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Frogmore Post Office had revenue of $62 and salaries of $46.50. [GPS:41.123/39.531]

Front Road (The) -- local name of road running along bluffs above Long Point Bay from Port Ryerse west through Fisher's Glen and Normandale to Port Rowan. Built in first decade of 1800s. Called Lakeshore Road west of Port Rowan.

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